Unprepared for Becoming Manager

Unfortunately, many employees are promoted to a management position without much training. The idea of being manager sounds fun to a lot of employees. However, when it get down to it, they have no idea what to do. A survey done by careerbuilder.com shows that over a quarter of new managers claim they were not ready to become a leader when the first started managing others. That’s one out of every four managers!

The survey shows that the largest problem is “dealing with issues between co-workers on my team.” Twenty-five percent of the managers who took the survey were unprepared when it came to conflict amongst team members. Another twenty-two percent felt that their biggest problem was motivating others. This just further proves the point that employees are being promoted to management positions with little to no training.

Here’s an example of an employee who was promoted to manager without any training.


Some people just don’t have what it takes to be a manager. Creed Bratton was promoted to manager in place of Michael Scott simply because he had been working in there the longest. Although we didn’t get to see much in the clip, it is safe to assume Creed did not have any of the four essential qualities for managers discussed in The Geek Leader’s Handbook.

Creed didn’t “let go of doing”,he didn’t know what managers did, he didn’t measure managerial success, and he didn’t cross boundaries. But the biggest problem here was that Creed had no idea what managers actually did.

This graphic shows some helpful tips for measuring success in a business.

success indicators


In conclusion, new managers are never prepared for the transition of becoming manager. One out of four managers feeling unprepared for their new role is a shockingly high statistic. It’s a good thing we have this class to learn “what managers do.”


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