We’re All in this Together

Teamwork, as defined by the Business Dictionary, is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal.  This is important in any part of life, but it is especially important in business.  A lot of business includes working with others on a project or a with another business in order to achieve some sort of goal.  So if one person is not being a team player, then it will create a problem in the group, as shown by the video below.


Being all about helping yourself will never advance you the way that you want.  Colin Fisher starts off with this attitude in this clip.  He is only focused on his project and how it will affect his career at the Jeffersonian Institute.  There will always be some sort of bump in the road.  Some examples are that you will not be accepted into the position that you want or you will push everyone away that you will eventually become extremely outcast in the company that you will not enjoy your work.

I wish I'd taken that teamwork seminar.

So the best thing that you can do is to work with the people who you are put into a group with is to accept it and try your best to work with the group you have been stuck with.  You may not like the people you are with, but you need to suck it up.  Everything is not going to be how you want it.  That is life. Life is not always fair.  It is something that you need to deal with.  If you always try and avoid it by acting rude or pushing everyone away, then it will be even harder once you are forced into a group.

But sometimes, focusing on teamwork too much can be unproductive.  Trying to make others happy while you are working with him will distract from your work and might hinder your productivity.  Wanting to help others is always a good trait to have, but you need to know when it is okay to help and when you start babying someone.  Do not help your group members step by step through their work.  This is make them depend on you more than they should.  it will prevent them from doing their own work and make you fall behind on your work as well.


My experiences with groups have been all over the map.  I have had great group experiences and terrible experiences.  Some of the bad experiences happened when one or more of my group members did not and would not do any work.  That is when I get upset.  Not only are they jeopardizing their grade, but they are bringing  down mine as well.  This is when I am tempted to let them fail instead of doing all of the work, but I know that I will get a good grade if I do not make this project.  Teamwork is always a good thing and it is a very important skill to have but there are always those groups that give teamwork a bad name.

But that does not mean you should never trust groups or rely on teamwork again.  When you get into business, the people who slack off and who push their work onto other people will be weeded out.  They will have to “pay for their crimes” and will most likely be fired from the business if they do not change.  So overall, teamwork is not a bad thing.  Do not let lazy, unproductive people ruin the thought of teamwork.  Because if you cannot work as a team, then you will not make it in business.

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