Work As A Team


In this week’s chapter of The Geek Leader’s Handbook we covered concepts on how to advance your career.  One of the points made in this chapter was how focusing on others advances your career.  Teamwork in the world of business is essential to making a successful career.  In order to get started working towards focusing on your team I’ve listed seven points from the IDEA Health and Fitness Association to help provide a guideline for successful teamwork.

1. Understand

When working with different people in your work understanding each individual helps you to relate to them and that can encourage greater work ethics.  Understanding people gives you a greater insight to their personality and what makes them tick.  Knowing your coworkers’ strengths and what motivates them to work hard gives you an inside look at their attitude and personality behind the scenes of the workplace.  An example for me as a leader of the youth organization in my church shows just how understanding your peers can greatly impact them on a personal level and work level.  I scheduled a youth trip to go help out a local food shelter near our hometown.  This was appealing to our group because some of the kids came from very poor backgrounds and have had to eat at that same food shelter.  I understood how the pain and embarrassment must have felt for those kids, but I knew they also wanted to give back to that same community they used to be apart of.  The experience grew them closer to God and grew my relationship with those kids.

2. Learn

Everyday is an opportunity, and everyday we must take time to educate ourselves on the world around us.  Whether it be knowing people, learning new facts about the world, or how to grow in a particular skill.  Learning is how we grow in our career.  It is essential that we learn from our peers, and learn from our superiors.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Muhatma Gandi

This quote shows just how important it is to take every opportunity to learn and grow.  The phrase we learn from our mistakes should apply to every aspect of our daily lives and not solely in the workplace.  By learning we grow, and by teaching our knowledge of what we learned to others helps all of us grow making the workplace community stronger and more successful.

3. Dream

Ever heard of Martin Luther King Jr.?  He had a dream.  Just like all of us should have dreams.  Dreams are what push us to greater heights and provide us with opportunity for success.  From analytical and logical geeks to renowned visionary suits we all have dreams.  These dreams of ours are not just for us; they are to share with the world, and they are there for us to find people with similar dreams to help further the efforts of making that dream a reality.

4. Connect

Connections are key.  A quote from Kirk Elmquist from one of my classes last semester stated that “Its not what you know, its who you know.”  Growing your connections was one of the points of this chapter and I would have to say I slightly disagree.  I do not think this point was covered properly because growing your network to better grow your personal success is not a unhelpful.  For example, I make connections within the school’s administrative system.  Those individuals are examples of people who have created a successful career for themselves.  We have a common interest, we both attend the same school.  We have goals that work well for the both of us.  Most of them want to see us grow get jobs, I want to get a successful job! See how that works?  However in terms of social media I keep my connections to a minimum.  The maximum friends I keep are slightly over 200.  My girlfriend however is well over 2000.  I believe those types of connections are unhelpful.

5. Volunteer

I think this sums up volunteering quite nicely.

6. Play

In a sense yes but not like this…

7. Listen

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” – Bryant H. McGill

Respect can be the fine line between a promotion and getting fired.  When your team proposes ideas you listen.  Even if it kills you.  When fellow employees or managers know you have respect for them they will likely respect you back.  Respect for one another helps build confidence when grouped into projects together, and when we listen we are taking that time to nonverbally say “hey your ideas matter and we should consider them because not only are the ideas important but so are you.”

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