This chapter was a very interesting one. This book treats geeks like they are a sub species of a human. Which makes me curious if a book like this for suits exist, because obviously there are more than two types of people. (Geeks & Suits) This article was interesting because it talked about the eleven ways to motivate geeks, and one of the eleven things that I found interesting was offering geeks free food, does that really work? The author of the article said that free food is more motivating then cash. However Paul Glen said for his first rule in his eleven-step process to motivate geeks that you should “Select Wisely. The most important thing a leader can do to encourage intrinsic motivation is to assign work to geeks who have an interest in the work.” I feel like this is true for everyone, not just geeks. If you give a suit work he likes he will have more interest in completing it as well.



I chose this video because not all-motivational speeches work for everyone, for instance most of the clips from all these movies are from instances where they tried to get motivated but it wasn’t successful. Also this clip shows that people are motivated by different things, for instance the book stereotypes suits that a bonus is a motivator to them, where instead of a bonus for geeks, they would rather get the correct answer. Motivation comes in all different sorts. I’m motivated to complete school so I can graduate, and start a career. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I am really looking forward to it. I will miss many things, but to finally have school behind me really excites me. Knowing some geeks, I think that there are different types of geeks. From observing, I have noticed that not all geeks agree with this chapter, which I found interesting. I’m more curious if there are suits out in the world that are motivated by the same things geeks are.



This video is an example of someone who is trying to motivate geeks, but isn’t following the steps that are seen in the book or on the website, he is all about how to be self-motivated. Instead of motivated by others. Geeks seem to really be motivated by problems, and solving the problems. However they don’t like awards and recognitions or cash bonuses, so trying to please a geek isn’t easy. They are very picky people, and can get really moody and upset when things don’t go there way, and never seem to be satisfied. I can see why it would be tough to please the geek sub group, however where is the middle ground of motivation? Or is there any? Geeks want to be given a task and to be left alone, and managers don’t want to micro manage but they want to motivate you to get the task done. But it almost seems like instead of doing the generic types of motivating, they shouldn’t motivate at all because there drive comes from finishing the problem, so it almost seems pointless to give incentives to people who gain them at the end of a project. Do Geeks really need to be motivated? Or can there work speak for themselves. I think that they do at sometimes because they are people, however I also think that the majority of the time, they really don’t need any type of motivation, most geeks are self motivators and self starters, so it seems like motivational tactics would just get in there way.

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