Build An Effective Team

Build An Effective Team

It is not easy to be the manager of an up and coming startup, especially when you are frequently out of your office talking to investors and the actual time you spend in contact with your team is limited. Always managing team in different places is a complex. Effective team working in any place with a help of a leader or a manager. Also, effective team does not need to work face to face continuously, but they must work to achieve success at work, whatever the circumstances. Always effective team does not need monitor manager but works as one team. Managers always need to realize that each team member plays an active role, and the team must work harmoniously.

Building Trust and Respect: effective team must have a trust in workers and dealing. Mutual respect is also important and should be on all team members ensure to show respect. Ethics and good behavior helps to build trust respect between team members. Each person reflects his personality through behavior whether good or bad. In the end, people look to behavior a person and his or her way of dealing, not to person shape. Team cannot be an effective team if there is no trust and respect.




Honesty: Which more needs to become an effective team is honesty. Honesty should be between team members, honesty resulting in achieving the ambitious team. Anyone cannot deal with people without honesty. Honesty allows do many things to work between team and feeling comfortable in work performance and dealing.




Organize a meeting for all employees: That will improve teamwork and help people get to know each other better. Organize in-person meetings for all workers or teams at least once a year. Sitting with teams and talk about some things outside of work creates a lot of cooperation and the ability to know people better. Also, team meeting produces new ideas that will help team become more effective and compatibility. Also, meeting allows away from work pressures and creates an intimacy atmosphere.





Take advantage of conflict: There are no teams exempt from occasional misunderstandings. Somewhere, somehow, conflict will show up. When confrontation between employees gets out of a hand in a startup, a manger must face it. A manager has a big role in solving problems and differences. There are many techniques to solve problems, and certainly everyone will benefit from mistakes and work to improve relations at work. Is not entitled to any person tampering with teamwork to create many problems.


Make hiring a team effort: Bring a new person to team need to team discuss and look at all the aspects about the new person. A new person in team must be in harmony the team and achieve the aspirations of the team. Of course, experience and suitable qualifications are important but the most important qualities to hire for are always personality and social skills that are compatible with your team. Discuss a teamwork to bring a new person helped well to deal with teams, but many managers do not ask to teamwork for bringing a new person.




Finally, through my experience in business and working with a small team at Riyad Bank I was dealing with my team honestly. Business, banks need a lot of work with confidence because of too much money and work to facilitate customer’s things to successful. I was dealing on a daily basis with my team and tryed to achieve success with them. Also, I helped them and I received help from them without any return only to achieve success. Working with a team is not easy, but needs a lot of patience and stay away from controversies. As required to work with teams is good behavior, honesty, good ethics, trust, and respect. Apply all of the previously teams becomes an effective and homogeneous with each other.





This is my distinctive teamwork in 2011, I achieved with them a lot of profit and success.

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