First impressions w/ new client relationship

Establishing new client relationship is an important connection you make that can become something special if it is approached the right way.  The key thing that has to be done very well in order to have a successful relationship with a new client is the first impression. The first impression is a good tool to use in business as a general statement but using it with a new client is perfect. Good first impression will sit good with that client and you will make a personal connection and not just a business connection which will bring that trust that is always needed.

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When dealing with that first impression there is a lot of things that you can control in order to have levels of success. Drawing in that image is the main objective when presenting yourself. You can enhance and control what others see about you. Never change yourself where you cant handle it but change isn’t a bad thing especially in this situation. Another thing would be believing in yourself and having confidence. With anything you do in life you will never be great if you don’t believe in yourself and in what your capable of doing. When everything is done make sure to evaluate yourself before the meeting with the new client.

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Personally I can say that I have had a lot of experiences with giving someone my first impression and ninety- five percent of them have been successful ones but i did have one that didn’t go so well. As far a my successful ones went I was looking for my first job as a fourteen year old freshmen in high school and there was an opening with this grounds keeping company and I received a call for an interview. So as I was preparing for this interview I was thinking about how I would use proper grammar and the way I would hold my posture, and many other things. So the next day I had on a suit and a tie and some slacks on and the interview was held in a big warehouse where I came to find out this is where I would have to meet to work everyday. So i walked in to this rugged place where equipment was going and machines were going and I was the only one with nice cloths on and everyone else had cloths on to get dinner. When i got to the manager he looked at me kind of weirdly and shook my hand and said ” where are you going to church or to the office”, and then I said I’m dressed for an interview and he asked me two questions. The first one was am I a strong fella that can work in the sun and the second one was have I cut grass before and I said yes to both. So he told me that I got the job and that I started bright and early tomorrow morning. The last thing he told was to not come to work with nothing nice on. So the moral of the story to me was to be prepared for anything even if your too prepared.

Lastly, making that first impression is everything even if your too much prepared as I was in my testimony, but it didn’t really get me any negative feedback which in fact didn’t hurt anything at all. Making that good first impressions can do you great service in the business  world or even in any world at that. So strive to make yourself better in situations like this to set yourself up for countless amounts of success.


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