Geeks Transition to Management

Many Geeks look into management. There are many temptations, money, influence, and relationships. Just think to become Manager itself is a big step and difficult. The problems of Geeks are investigating make the transition from non-realistic. Should Geeks considered some things before transition to management.




New directors do not have any idea about the new work:

It is natural that some people are not ready to manage because of the fear of failure, but no one knows what happens by management experience. Each person who becomes Manager should have some ideas about what is going on around. Often people watched their managers closely and they did something like them. This is the problem. Employee’s viewpoint about their manager usually comes with limited. They have watched some of the previous failure of their manager. New managers have many challenges. Dealing with employees is only one part of the toughest other parts of the management. It usually takes a few years for a new manager to really understand the full nature of the job.




Good engineers are unlikely to be a good manager for engineers:

Sometimes promotions are because of the wrong reasons. Usually Geeks receives promotions for several reasons, they did a great job ergonomically or on project, boss resignation, and volunteerism. Should be well-prepared person to become a Manager, not only because he did a good job. New manager must be qualified to do to the job. Besides teaching and consulting In addition desire to make a person a good manager.


New manager does not prepare to transition:

Transforming from a geek into a manager is much more challenging than just learning about what the job is. It’s really a transformation of identity. Geeks spend their lives early in their personal needs. Geeks calculate everything thoughtfully. Maybe geeks not have productivity collectively more then personal. New manager should be product in work and urges employees to production. Managers who can make employees more productive is a grate manager. Becoming a manager is about mastering a new identity, about changing how one measures oneself.


New managers do not get much support during the transition:

Often new manager cannot adapt to a new place. It is difficult to control and surround everything at the beginning. The problem is also support lack from employees to their manager completely. Of course, new managers doesn’t receive support from employees easily. Employees are often trying to make a new manager to understand the work well. Here must new manager depends on the recruitment of advisors and employees with good expertise to work with him and receive support at beginning of work. New manager must create a support network for access to managing all employees and work as a one group without any problems.




New managers often have to work with new people:

New managers have to face with many people maybe different nationalities, languages, thought patterns, and cultures. It is natural that managers working all day with many people. New managers should be had some communication skills and build relationships skills. New manager does not only need to understand the cultures of countless, but has to learn how bridge the culture of geeks and non-geeks. Maintaining the cooperation between working groups that do not understand each other the strongest challenges for each new manager. Of course, there will be many challenges and manager must deal with an open mind.




Finally, temptations, money, job, relationships make geeks aspire to become a manager. Should be considered geeks some things before transition to management. The new manager does not have a good idea what is going on around him, may continue to lack of understanding of work a long time. Not every good engineer could have become a good manager, you must  new manager has the desire and qualified to become a manager. Geeks transform to a manager is not easy, managers have to leave some geek ideas and focus on the work success . Also, new managers does not get a lot of support from an employees easily, manager must work to obtain support some employees. Of course, the new manager works with languages, ideas, cultures, and different nationalities of people, so manager should get all the communication skills.

Source / From Geek to Manager by Paul Glen the CEO of Leading Geeks


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