I’ll Make a Manager Out of You…Maybe (Geek to Manager)

Chapter 4 is about the transition from Geek to Manager and theWeighing Decisions skills that are

needed to go with it. This made me reflect on what makes a good manager, and

if anyone can just step into that position. So to answer these questions I will be

focusing on three areas:Who qualifies to be a manager, What skills make a good

manager, and how new managers can settle into their new role with ease. I will

also be adding in a life example from a company I worked for 3+ years.




Who Qualifies to Be a Manager

In the book the author gave some very good examples of when engineers are usually promoted to manager but should not be.

1. They did a great job as an engineer

2.They did a great job on their last project

3. Their boss quit and someone needed to step in

4. They volunteered

Being a good engineer or doing an outstanding job does not translate to managerial skills. Both set of skills deal with very different realms. This article goes into detail about how both jobs are very different. Engineers are more focused on the smaller picture i.e. their project. Managers on the other hand are focused on how the company runs as a whole. Needless to say it is never a good idea to go from an environment where your focusing on smaller tasks to a bigger environment where you have to worry about the whole company. It also goes without saying that just because your boss quit doesn’t mean your qualified to step in as the new manager.

DO NOT VOLUNTEER for a job you cannot handle.








What Skills Make A Good Manager

In this article it shows the top skills needed to be a good manager as well as details about the skills. These are the five areas that were covered.

1. Motivate your employees

2. Set Goals

3. Delegate Responsibility

4. Communicate Effectively

5. Embrace Equal-ism

All these skills were broken down into smaller steps for better management.


How Can New Managers Settle Into Their New Role With Ease





New managers coming in  are going to have a lot of adjusting to do, but DON’T PANIC! In the book it gives some good tips to settle in to your new role with ease.

1. Let go of doing

2. Know what managers do

3. Measure Managerial success

4. Cross Boundaries

Let go of being in the technical position that you are used to. The manager position is a lot less hands on with projects so you will have to get used to managing the team instead of being a part of it.

Know all that comes with being a manager. Read your job description and do some homework on what is expected of you.

Make sure progress is being made. Your no longer measuring your accomplishments, but instead your measuring what the team accomplishes. Not to mention how well they work together.

Step out of the department you are used to. Go get involved in the other cultures in the workplace, and make sure good communication takes place.

My Experience

So this is where I used to work. Nothing impressive, Out of date etc. My experience with management isn’t a good one. I worked under bad management for a couple years. It was a position where the person in charge probably wasn’t the most suited individual for the position.Tasks weren’t delegated properly, and everything was one stressful blur. It even got so bad to a point were they started losing patients, and employees weren’t getting paid regularly. If any advice I can leave the reader with it would be this following statement. It is important to really think through these decisions before committing to a step up in leadership. Not all qualify to be a manager, just like not all mangers will make good engineers. So really way the pro’s and con’s not only for you but think how it will affect the company.

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