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This chapter is titled, “Shaping Future Tech Leaders” talking about the recently added three-letter position of CIO When looking at myself, I believe I have had a few mentors. I have never asked anyone to be a mentor, however I view my Father as a mentor, I view both professor Chism’s as mentors, and I view my tennis coach as a mentor. Each one of these people encompass different parts of my life, however each one is essential in there own way. My father will be a life long mentor, and I hope that is the case with coach Brannon and both Chism’s. How to select a mentor can be an interesting.



This video is a ted talk on how to select your mentor, and more of a guide for future mentors. What can we do to mentor the future generation? This video talks about how relating with people is a great way to get a foot in the door. So how can people who need mentors find someone that would be a good fit for them? I believe mentors come and go with time. I am sure I will have a new mentor when I enter the workforce.  I hope it will be someone who can mold and shape my career in a positive way. However nothing is ever a for sure, there can be bad choices, for instance my friend Caitlin had a high school math teacher that she had asked to be a mentor, due to how much he cared about his students (so she thought) he gladly accepted, saying that he would love to meet with her once or twice a week. Caitlin was looking into going to college as a math major, and wanted to utilize his guidance to help her pick some of the best schools for that area. However one day after school she came in and the teacher was really unprofessional and flirtatious with her, which really bothered her, so she decided to talk to the principal about it. They started to watch him a little closer and found out he was actually sleeping with two of his current students in her class. Long story short, he is now in prison, and what’s super creepy was he used to tutor me as well!

This video is of Yoda mentoring luke, and I think this video will best explain my point of where you can find mentors! How did Luke find Yoda? He crashed landed his X wing on a planet that Yoda just so happened to inhabit, then was lucky enough to run into the little Master Jedi! So what does this mean for people looking for mentors? No you won’t crash your X wing into another planet, but you may lose your job and find someone at a new job who would be a perfect fit for a mentor! Sometimes your mentors just fall into your lap through pure circumstance. That’s how I met Coach Brannon. I had heard little bits and pieces of Greenville College throughout my life, and then one day I met him at a tennis tournament. Mentors come in all different types of people, I was told earlier this year that a mentor doesn’t have to be older than you. Kirk Elmquist, the brilliant salesmen who will be speaking at this years graduation, told us he has many mentors, two of which are younger than him. Mentors can be good or bad, but everyone is human, so people do make mistakes, some smaller than others, however most of the time, they only care whats best for you. They want to help and encourage you to reach and exceed your goals.






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