motivating geeks

When doing anything in the productive world that we live in, there will always be some need of motivation to even get up and want to be the best you can be. Having motivation can be a pretty hard concept to gather for some people like geeks. For a suit slash joc kind of person, their are a lot of things that can really spark my motivation. As a football player wanting to be the best on the field or in the weight room wanting to be the strongest guy in the weight room is always a motivator for me.


On the other hand business people are so called suits are motivated by a wide variety of things. According the being motivated is more of a personal kind of step before anything. Having a right state of mind can bring high levels of motivation. Making that commitment to yourself is the drive that most people need. Having the mind set that no one can stop you from getting to where you want to be in life or your career.  In most cases geeks aren’t really the same as most  when it comes to motivating themselves or others.



Geeks seem to be driven by more things that have a little more meaning or juice behind it to actually give them something to strive for. Geeks see some goals like gaining more money or getting that promotion doesn’t really gain any justice to being motivating. Its like they don’t see the moral value of why things motivate suits, athletes. They see it as tedious and not important enough to motivate them. Cash bonuses are a big no no if you want to motivate a geek. Like a suit money is the top or almost the top thing that motivates them, but geeks have to see something as doing more to the head than just something that can last for a little while like money.


Another big thing that I found that motivates geeks are giving them work that really catches their eye and that they would stay focused on. Something that would challenge them would make the geeks strive harder to get it done. Its like when i’m in the gym and one of the things that I want to do is hit some amount of weight so many times. As for a geek the more they like it and the more meaningful it is to them the better it will be in the outcome. Having meaning behind doing something is big in a geeks mind set. This quote from tech republic really hit this point on the head with this statement saying “without a sense of meaning, motivation suffers and day-to-day decisions become difficult. It is easy for geeks to become mired in the ambiguous world of questions, assumptions, and provisional facts characteristic of technical work”. Simply saying that without goals and rewards there will always be the second guesses on why am I here or why am I spending so much time on this project. When anyone begins to ask this question the outcome will be worst and worst down the line. Its the same with athlete workouts will be half done with half the effort and on the other hand with geeks projects or assignments not getting done to their full potential.

In the end what really motivates anybody in the world, whatever you choose to do is how that individual person is feeling, determining how far they want to go with their success. There isn’t a I in team but you have to do a lot of soul searching within YOURSELF to want to motivate and be the best.

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