Motivation is Key

Motivation can be found in a variety of ways, but its how a boss or a coach decides to do it that counts. There are multiple ways whether a reward is at stake, or possibly even a promotion. Coaches and managers need to be able to motivate their players or employees in order to stay on task and get the job done.


This picture illustrates how a manager or a leader should motivate. Rewarding people is not the only way to get people motivated. Sometimes simply just working hard and leading by example will inspire somebody, because if they see their boss working hard it will make them want to work hard. Teamwork goes a long way with motivation as well, because you can keep each person in your group or team accountable towards the goal you are trying to achieve.

The bucket analogy illustrated in my other management class’s book is a great representation of how motivational success works. When everyone is working together motivation is achieved a lot quicker. If only one asset of the “bucket” is working, it is much harder to stay motivated.

When coaching a team, specifically baseball, a coach must have the capability to motivate a ton of people. There are over thirty guys on our team so Coach Carlson has to constantly find ways to keep us motivated. One way he does this is by reward. If we win while doing sprints we have a chance to opt out of some extra running.

Rewarding employees for getting work done fast and efficiently can be a great motivator. Employees can be rewarded with bonuses, and they can also be rewarded with a promotion. An example of this would be my dad again. We hired a new employee, and within a few months he would receive a pay raise based on how well and hard he worked. Small things like this can help to fill the bucket quicker.

Self- motivation is something that I think a lot of people overlook. If you cannot find ways to motivate yourself, than your bucket is going to be harder to fill. An example that I have is when I made the decision to transfer. I had to lose some weight and get back into shape, because I did not want to transfer, then play my old school the next year and lose. My motivation came from my coach at Fontbonne. He told me I was making the wrong choice and that I would be babied at GC. The following year we beat Fontbonne two out of three games. I went nine for thirteen at the plate, and threw out a couple of their base runners.

The platinum rule is also another very important factor in motivating others. When a manager or coach treats somebody how they want to be treated, then there is a higher chance for that person to be motivated and willing to do what is asked of them.

Motivation is a huge factor in a successful business. There are many ways to achieve a motivational high, and when everyone is working together, it makes it easier to fill the bucket. Be careful to not overflow the bucket, and be able to main overall equity.

This video is not about business, but I think it is a great motivator to never give up on anything and work as hard as possible because you can achieve anything.

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