Shaping future tech leaders

Until I read this chapter I didn’t know that geeks would have any mind of being any type of leader but if its with technology I should’t have second guessed it. As far as being a leader in technology I couldn’t find the insight to know that a geek will have to be some what concerned about what other people think about them their personalities. For example making a first or lasting impact or impression on someone as a suit is always a great tool to be successful in the workplace.  With geeks technology changes from year to year, month to month, and sometimes week to week. With this in mind geeks have to come to know that having that lasting impact will do them justice.

The decision process is very precise just as if someone was being picked for a big promotion. Suits are already trained and ready to present those qualities to separate themselves from others competing for that spot to be chosen. As geeks prepare and vast themselves for the decision making process, they think that their ready because of just the technical logical genius that they have and that alone isn’t going to cut when trying to be a leader. Having those qualities and achievements will give you the upper hand but it will not be enough. Their are many traits a geek should have to be even considered in the running for a leadership role. Having charisma and being able to be emotional flexible are a couple of traits that tech leaders should have. 




Tech leaders or even innovated leaders are always going to look deeper into things like they would when analyzing a technical problem when it is brought to them at the workplace. Geeks are very detail orientated when dealing with a tech problem but when its will leadership they will go through the stages as if they were analyzing a problem with computer software even if the problem is little or big.


Mentoring is another ball game when it comes to geeks because you have to be aware of the person that your mentoring and of what their emotions are capable of. Geeks aren’t really ease or simple when it comes to others feeling and that’s a main purpose in mentoring because you would have to find out about who the person really from the inside and out. Also finding ways for that individual to really learn and develop into a excellent leader.


When mentoring you would to make it a very personal thing because its really about making a connection with who your mentoring. So having your own experiences to tell. Share what success and failures you had and letting them know how you got there or how that experiences help better yourself and made you what you are now. Personally their was a lot of success with a mentoring partnership when the mentor and the men-tee can relate to things. With my mentor we connected because we were interested in the same things like business and football. With making these little connections the mentor can really drive yo u to help you find a goal so you can be successful. For example my mentor help me find Greenville College and now I’m least than a year and I’m about to graduate from here.

In conclusion if someone needs some type of direction in order to be a successful mentor is they key. A true mentor will cause you to ask the right questions that will help you push yourself in the right path to increase you success.  So pay attention, ask questions, and want to get better.


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