Toxic teamates on the rift

The topic for this week is toxic teams. Like Wes, I to play League of Legends. This game teaches you how to work with teams believe it or not and how to deal with people who are toxic. Toxic teams usually are rude, blameful, and selfish. Some examples from a real game would be one of your teammates dying early on, then blaming the jungler for not helping out his lane. Then the rest of the game they continually rag on the team about not getting help, and usually hinders the team from victory.

This game teaches you to work with your team, because there are five different roles consisting of a top lane, mid lane, attack damage carry, support, and a jungler. This game relies heavily on teamwork, because there are objectives all over the map such as dragons, barons, and towers. Each of these three objectives helps your team get stronger. The overall objectives is to destroy the enemy teams base and to do this, you need great teamwork and communication.

This video shows an example of a toxic teammate. Usually a toxic teammate in League of Legends likes to blame his team, and one way he or she may do this is by cursing uncontrollably and making every excuse possible why they played a certain play wrong. When you have a teammate acting like this, your first initial thought is to try and help them by saying it’s okay, or calm down it’s not that big of a deal. This can lead to this certain individual raging even more. Often times from personal experience this happens, and once this happens all hope is lost for this person to participate in the team for the rest of the game.



I chose this photo because often times, when all else fails in the game, the only option left is to blame your teammates. Instead of blaming your team member, you should evaluate the game and ask yourself, “what could I have done better for us to win this game?”


I chose this photo for obvious reasons, all of these words go together in having a successful team. If you don’t have one of these then teamwork will not work.

The next question we can ask ourselves is, how do teams become toxic? Well, very few teams start out this way, but it usually starts with a behavior. The best thing you can do when dealing with a toxic team is to avoid blame at all costs. When you blame someone, it usually focuses on what happened in the past, and it often times overlooks a hopeful future. Some ways I try to do when dealing with a toxic teammate is to compliment them, and make them feel like they are still wanted. Sometimes if I was involved in a certain play or whatever the situation may be, I will try and agree with the person, and just take the blame for what they did, even if I had nothing to do with the play. This will hopefully make the teammate feel like somebody cares and is actually listening rather than blaming and harassing them.

Toxic teams do not just exist in video games, they also exist in the workplace. You would want to handle a toxic work member the same as you would someone in a video game as well. Do not point fingers and play the blame game, try to look at it their way first, and identify the problem. Try and work through it as best as possible, but most importantly do not just do nothing.


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