Toxic Teams

In the workplace there are times that you often may be put in teams to work on major projects with. often times these teams can be toxic to the production process. people can be toxic and hard to work with. There are 4 main points in intervening in toxic teams, our authors list them.

1. Find the toxic behaviors and their impact.

2. Claim and assign responsibility

3. Choose your interventions

4. Implement and monitor

These four points are very important to how the resolution or detriment of the team may go. if these are not carried out correctly, then the toxicity will only get worse. Often times people who are put in these circumstances begin to have the mindset that if they ignore the toxicity it will just go away. this way of thinking is a lie. if you ignore toxicity in your group it will only get worse. acknowledging the problem is key. How this is approached is important to the resolution. If you acknowledge the problem, and then place blame on one person, it will not change anything, they will turn and ignore you anytime you say something to them. it has to be done in a way that they mare not being “”called out” but they are being confronted.

The second point is to claim and assign responsibility. As the boss you have to accept responsibility for those employees beneath you. once you have accepted the responsibility from those actions in front of those above you, you will then have to distribute the blame through to those who have caused the problem. It is important that you the boss are sure to let your employees know what is going on, and that you got in trouble because of their actions.

the 3rd point, choosing interventions, it is important that you know the person or persons that are involved, and now what way of approaching them is appropriate. some people respond to threatening, some people respond to meetings one on one, and others respond to a group meeting and they are all being addressed for the problems at hand.

Lastly the 4th point is implementing a solution and monitoring it. Many times in the workplace a boss implements a solution to a problem, but soon after it is implemented there are no checks, or monitoring of the solution. It was placed, but not enforced, when this happens the employees soon realize that nothing had really changed and then some begin the toxic behaviors again.

these are the main four points in dealing with toxicity in work teams. when we don’t acknowledge that there is a problem, it gets worse, if we don’t accept and distribute responsibility, nothing will get done. If we don’t choose to approach the interventions appropriately the problem will not change for the better, and if we don’t implement and monitor it will go back to how it was.

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