toxic teams

Being on or managing a toxic team can really be a pain especially how our social community operates.  Everyone is really represented by how they respond and look to other people and not to themselves. Having a toxic team is really based off of the behaviors within the team. Behavior really draws a big picture as the biggest problem know to the creation of a toxic team. With geeks one of the most negative things that they have problems with is they’re attitude which in terms really affect their behavior. Geeks are very prideful of their work and as I’ve read in previous chapters geeks are not the best at interacting with others unless they are other geeks most of the time. I can really see geeks being a toxic member within the workplace because their behaviors can change from a blink of an eye. For example in the workplace if a suit needs a geek to work on a IT problem, it may seem difficult to the suit but the geek may see it as child’s play and would immediately begin to get frustrated with the suit.


Toxic teams are really based off of bad behavior that escalates to other things that brings negative tensions and emotions to the playing. Their are ways that a toxic team can became less toxic in the workplace or with any type team.


Some leaders from a suit stand point really deal with toxic teams by picking out the most toxic person from the group and really try to diagnose the problem at hand. For example some teams may try to confront them and going on to a one on one base before trying to do an group intervention. Another way is reassigning those toxic members to different roles on the project to keep the good results coming. With some circumstances doing this is the right way to go but the real question is how to keep it from happening again and this is where team seem to slip up.  Really getting to know that team individually will really get in depth to find the actually problem. Basically finding out who they really are can really spike what their issues are. Doing this can really show sometimes that they have self esteem problems or anything along the lines of this can change the situation of a team. Mainly its like when your having a bad day and you come in with this funky attitude and you take it out on other people. These acts are some causes of toxic teams. Toxic teams are the home bases for those team members with personal issues that are being worked out in the wrong place.


In conclusion bringing your personal issues are not good to bring to the table because it will throw things off in the workplace. Projects won’t get done, different personalities with flare up negatively, and people will begin to compete with each other. Toxic teams need that push in the right direction in order for them to stay a float.

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