What Makes Geeks Feel Good.

In the world of Geeks there are few things that make geeks feel good, and makes us happy. we like the idea of puzzles, and figuring them out, it is fun to us.We like the feeling of winning, it is the search for truth in a puzzle. We thoroughly enjoy the feeling of a tough yet fun puzzle. that is why many geeks are into computers, because when something goes wrong on the computer it is like a giant puzzle. Computers are essentially a giant puzzle, when a windows computer has an issue it is an endless problem solving puzzle. Also in the same way many geeks like programming because it is a puzzle to figure out just right how the code works, and how it best connects things to each-other. Once we figure something out we often want to make it better, this is when the idea of hacking comes in. We like to make the things we have work better, and look better, and make things work together better than they were originally supposed to. We like puzzles and figuring them out. here is a clip from the Big Bang Theory, they are in the middle of a scavenger hunt full of puzzles.

Geeks often usually love the search for truth, the ability to find truth whatever it is, and learn more about it. it is similar to winning puzzles, We often learn how to do something and want to search for more about that thing, it drives us, if we have a chance to learn about something that interests us we will jump into it, and go for it.

We also love being in competitions with other geeks, we grow in creativity when we are working toward a goal against others, or another single person. we want to work in competitons. the video also portrays the enthusiasm of them competing against each-other.

In the end there are only a few things that make Geeks happy, we love puzzles, competitions and searching for truth. these are the main points that interest geeks.

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