Whats Your Motivation (Motivating Geeks)

motivation_by_ramy-d5d7b71What motivates you? Motivation comes in many different forms. While some types of motivation work great for some, it doesn’t work well for others.  The book defines Motivation as, “Wanting to do something”. For this blog post I will ask the question what motivates “geeks” and why normal motivational techniques often don’t work on them from my personal experiences. So I want you to ask the question, whats your motivation and what motivates you?





In The Geek Leader’s Handbook, the top 4 ways to motivate geeks is as follows:

1. Right Answers

2. Challenging Puzzles

3. Meaningful Questions

4. Competition

1. I know from personal experience that when I’m working on a project it will continue to bother me until I figure out the solution or right answer to the problems that faced me. Instead of focusing on just focusing on getting the projects done I want to make sure that I finish it well and that it works correctly. If you understand and get answers instead of spreading of speeding through it, you will be more likely to know where errors come from if they arise. That way you will be able to fix them faster and with a lot less stress.

2. I don’t like puzzles that are too easy. If its super easy then i just get bored with it. On the flip side if its super hard then i will get pretty discouraged. I love problems that pose a challenge that will push me to step out of my comfort zone, and that i can learn something from.

3. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t stand small talk. When I’m having a conversation I want to get to the real meaningful discussion. I want to ask myself questions that really make me reflect and ponder on bigger topics. I love meaningful discussion because it expands how I think about life, as well as how I perceive myself.

4. I generally don’t like competition because it gets way too serious. I do, however like a healthy dose of competition because it pushes you to do better. I don’t like competing with overly competitive people because they tend to suck the fun out of it. I am usually not a competitive but when I am its for the purpose of motivating myself and trying to learn how I can be better then my competition. If I lose then I try and see how I can learn from who won, and just try to do better next time.



1. Cash Bonuses

2. Unqualified Appreciation

3. Parties

4. Formal Awards

5. Threats

1. tumblr_n2jzfsRrV21tvyxvwo1_500Well nothing much to say here. This gif pretty much says it all (Click on pic to get gif version). I personally don’t have a problem with cash bonuses, even though i would prefer a permanent increase in my salary. Its better then nothing so I’m not complaining.

2. I would have to agree with this one. If I’m getting appreciation for something I don’t deserve then I immediately turn it down and point them in the direction of who really deserves it. It just doesn’t feel right to me to take credit for something i didn’t do.

3. I hate parties(with a passion). The only types of parties I would enjoy is if its with close friends, and of course geeky or gaming parties.

4. I have no problem taking formal awards as long as I don’t have to make a long speech.

5. You threaten me and I’ll threaten you right back. I don’t take kindly to threats due to them not being very nice, and past experiences. Threatening me won’t motivate me at all.



To end this blog I thought I would leave you all with the worst motivational speaker ever. Never follow his example. I suggest you start the clip at 1:47 to skip straight to Chris Farley. Enjoy!

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