Client Relationships

Relationships are important, because it’s how you earn the trust of another individual based on how well you treat someone. When establishing new clients there are a few things you need to do before you try and sell your product.The book gave a really good example of a man named Jerry. Jerry was hired for the job, but once he got there he sort of disappeared for a couple weeks while working on the project, forgetting to check in with his client. He did what was asked of him, and it was too well done for the company’s liking. He was fired shortly after. When establishing client relationships, it is important to know exactly what the client wants and also to check in with them every so often in case something changes, or if they want something different altogether.There are 8 different ways to establish strong relationships, but to keep it short; show your commitment and do not give of a negative vibe.


I thought this picture described what it means to have a strong client relationship. Without one of the steps trust falls apart. I feel like open communication is the most important one, because if you are not constantly communicating then it is easy to lose sight of what’s at task.

I chose this video because it shows just how easy it is to avoid the problem. Instead of communicating to one another on what the problem is, they play a game of cat and mouse and get back at each other by pranking the other. Prof. Bell told us about one of her first experiences at the University of North Carolina. Her boss called her and told her that he hated her guts for something she did wrong. Instead of going to him and solving the problem she just ignored it. Both people were wrong in this incident. The boss should have came to her and told her what she did wrong, and on the other side she should have went to him after the call to see what was wrong.


This picture shows how clueless the client is and how awesome the programmer thinks he is. The video shown in class had a group of people discussing the project, and the programmer was in the room which is not always the best thing to do. A programmer or geek thinks he knows everything and when talking to non geeks, often times the programmer will go into elaborate detail that the non geek could care less about. When you have a new client you need to be able to dumb it down enough for both of you to understand and be on the same page.

Being able to establish a strong client relationship is key if you want future jobs. If there is a bad experience with a client, they could very easily talk negatively about you to other people and word will spread and you won’t get as many jobs. Working with my dad has helped me to be better at communicating with people and also establishing trust with customers. If they do not trust you, then you probably will not get future jobs. My dad is probably the most popular plumber around the area, because he does not try and cheat the client by making things harder then they need to be. He goes to the job site to see what needs to be done, then to the best of his abilities does the job. He listens to what the client or customer needs, and he communicates to the person what was wrong, what he did to fix it, and if there is something bigger that needs to be done in the future

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