Client Trust

In the Business world Trust is one of the cornerstones of building a business and clientele. clients are the most important part of your business because without clients there would be no business and no support for the business for the lack thereof. If we don’t work at building trust with a client and working with them to help them trust us we will get nowhere. Without the client’s trust we will not gain any ground or move toward the goal of providing a service for the client.


When We have a problem with the client we need to address it, regardless of how small it is, it is important to address it so that it can be moved along and you can continue servicing the client. Clients don’t want to work with an untrustworthy company and if you don’t prove that you are trustworthy, then you will lose the opportunity of having them as a client.


In the video the speaker is talking about the lack of trust in asset managers, they are losing clients due to the major numbers of managers that are losing their clients trust. this is not a good thing for the field of asset managing because as the trust becomes smaller it is harder to keep other clients because word gets around and can often cause a large withdrawal from that service that your company provides for a period of time because of the lack of trust throughout the field.

When you build trust you are building relationships with people. When you build relationships, you get to know people on a personal level which then will help you to continue building and preserving the trust you have with that client. In the article Building Trust One Client at a Time it Talks about Ago Cluytens when he talks about building trust is building relationships. in his blog he says “One of the most successful habits [in terms of results] I have cultivated is finding one to two people each day and helping them in some way. They can be prospects, alliance partners, referral sources, clients, or simply people I’ve met at networking events,” he says. “I’m not talking about helping only those who can help you. I’m talking about, virtually at random, picking one to two people in your network and being helpful in some way.”

I think that this is one of the best things I have heard about building trust with people and clients. I like the way he says that it is nothing but beneficial to you and the other person to look to build relationships. Those relationships that you go out and try to make and build may be a new client, or a future employer if you’re looking to switch jobs.

The article also talks about how we need to relate to the client first, ask questions, get to know them before you jump into the business aspect. When you do this it helps the new client to see you as a person as well as a possibility for completing a service that they are asking for.

In the business world the importance of trust is more important than the knowledge or expertise or services that you offer. If you lack trust, you will not gain business or clients.

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