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It is harder to get trust back than to get yuor ex back. Trust is something that can be lost faster than most things. It is important in all aspects of life whether that be personal, business, or anything else. Trust is a valuable thing and cannot be overlooked. In the business world your clients need to feel like they can trust you. They need to feel comfortable and ensured with what you are providing. They do not want to hear soemone tell them a nunch of great things and then not follow through with them. They want to honest truth. They want to be told not what they want to hear but what is true. for instance, as a web developer you cannot tell a client that their website will be completed in 3 days when you know it will take 6. They will not trust the web developer becuase they will feel lied to. It will make the developer look bad because he lied and the client look bad because they might of promised their costumers a website in 3 days. Lying is bad guys… i mean we learned this in kindergarden.

We all should try to be more like Pinnochio becuase lying is bad:


honesty in business is important. This article goes in detail about the topic: Honesty

I used to run a mowing business with one of my freinds when I was in high school. My friend, John, was a really nice guy and he had not problems getting along with anyone. He was what you can say “popular” and was just a genuine guy. So i figured knowing John we would have no problems running a business together. For the first month of the summer things were great. We split the yards between us evenly and just had to trust that the other person would get it done. We had 8 costumers in total so we had 4 yards that we mowed each. Two of the four that John mowed paid us in a months advance everytime. So they trusted us to mow it once a week for that month, especailly becuase they paid us for it already. So they trusted us and i trusted John that he would get it done. The second month of the summer was going great, atleast i thought. But i found out at the end of the month that John did not mow one of the persons yards who paid us in advance. He skipped two weeks in that month. So our customers came to me and were asking for their money back, rightfully so. I indeed gave them their money back and expressed that i was really sorry and that i was going to figure what happened out and i did not want to lose their business. They told me they did not think they could trust us to do it for them and said they would be looking elsewhere for a mowing company. I comfronted John and asked him what happened and why he did not mow the yard. He lied to me and told me that he did at first and said our cleint was lying. After i was persitent he finally confessed he did not do it and was lying to me and that he just did not want to do it because it was our biggest yard.(which mean it is our biggest income) I ended up firing John and told our client that i fired him and that i would mow their yard for the next 2 weeks for free if they would stay with us. I did not want to lose the and i wanted to regain trust with them. They agreed to give me another chance and it ended up working out. They were one of my best costumers for the next 2 years. IT sucked that i needed to fire john but there was nothing else i could do. It was too important to my company and i could not trust him anymore. My clients trust was more important and i am glad i could regain their trust.



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