In God We (Tust) Lol NOAH!!!! (Presentations Blog!)

Presenting is one of my strong points so I am excited to write about this for m-t-p because I have always felt thus far from the book, that I am the underdog in a sense because the class is focused on geeks, so being a suit in a geek world makes me feel like a diesel engine in a Toyota Prius. However I like what the book has to say about this chapter, they start with five main points.

1.)  Clarify your goal

2.)  Get into their heads

3.)  Craft a transformation

4.)  Present connect and resonate

5.)  Conclude with a call to action

However I would like to add a sixth, being be interesting, make your presentation something that people will remember when they walk out of the meeting, instead of something that people will instantly forget when the door closes behind them. So how can you make a presentation interesting? Make it interactive! Now I’m not saying call on people and ask there opinion, I’m focusing on more of adding other people’s ideas into your presentation and giving them credit for it. For instance if you heard a presentation from Sharon in Human resources talking about ways to cut back on paper reduction, connect one of your points to hers, and you will instantly have her attention. I do this all the time in presentations with professors. For instance with professor Chism, I like to always include something that he wanted us to remember in class that he has said.



This video gives ideas on how to not fear public speaking and to give a great presentation. Another step that I would add would be, BE CONFIDENT, the more confident you are the more people will grasp onto what you are saying, for instance look at any Ted Talk. I have never heard a Ted Talk where the speaker was not super confident about what they were saying. Confidence is key an so many situations, and when giving presentations the more confidence you have the better.



I have given many presentations in my life, however my favorite will have to be one that I did my freshman year in a business class with an adjunct professor. It was an individual presentation and I had totally forgotten about it. I arrived in class and was the first person to present. It could be any topic that I chose and you weren’t allowed to use powerpoint, luckily I was dressed up that day due to an RC interview that I had before class, so I decided to present on an interest that the professor had which was investing, and since we shared that as mutual interest I talked all about the different types of investing, I talked about what I personally invested in and what I was looking to do when I got some more income. The presentation could only be five minutes long. So I spoke confidently about something that I new the professor and I shared in interests and I got a perfect score, despite not preparing in the slightest, however what was funny, was that after I spoke, the professor stood up and told the class “Now that’s how you do a presentation, whoever is up next has to follow an excellent presentation.”  So just the confidence in which you speak plays a huge part in what your trying to get through to people, also you want to be interesting and interact with the audience, I was talking to people during my presentation, which made everyone attentive and aware of what I was saying. The moral of the blog, is when you are going to present something to people, make sure you aren’t wasting there time with boring scared content.

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