new techology to new clients

With introducing new technology to the workplace as a geek you really have to understand who that geek is and what do they really stand for. Understand what they are coming from when they are understanding and reviewing the technology. Secondly imagine what could go wrong. Lastly, plan ahead to avoid disasters and to promote good feeling.

When introducing new technology to new clients knowing the geek is key. knowing whats important to them about their jobs, how do you feel about the IT department, and how they are predicting the technology will be in the future. To a person that is considered a suit a good example would be if a suit would be presenting a new business plan to a group of people. Also if I was trying to get someone to invest into your product or business plan.  Just like a really business plan you have to feel for the steps in a business plan. Your business plan is a symbol of who you are and what you represent in the business world. I think that whats geek are trying to express when introducing new tech plans. Business-plan-above-city_xxl


Imagining what could go wrong is something myself which is a suit can really relate to, but what geeks really do in my eyes is just prepare and test more. With a suits business plan we go over it multiple times but we really don’t foresee anything that could go bad with the plan. One thing we do have in common is having a good communication plan. Having a good communication plan can give you the edge when introducing a new tech or regular business plan. Also it gives you better results because it improves the effectiveness and efficiency so opportunities what be lost.


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