Introduction of New Technology


Technology is always growing and will continue to grow forever. There are new inventions and new improvements to technology that are coming out every year. Technology is a growing child that will never die. With all this growth there are some important aspects of it that people tend to forget, specifically technical people. Technical people tend to think binary, like a computer, but other people think like humans and technical people need to remember that. Something may make perfect sense to a techie and seem so simple, but to a non-techie it could be rocket science.

In the business world this is a steady occurrence. The tech guy of the business will add a new technology or update and the workers or clients will be lost. The tech guy needs to make sure he not only has the time to install the new technology but also time to teach everyone how to use it thoroughly. Another way to go about it is to train one person then have them train everyone else in the office.(this is much more efficient for the techie). One of the most frustrating things as a techie is trying to teach someone how to do something so simple to them. Unless they area  computer science professor, they most likely do not like to teach. So from the non-techie standpoint, make sure you respect the techie for trying and taking their time to help.

One update over the past year that really grinded my gears was the new Xbox One. The new Xbox was so hyped up and was said to be an amazing technology advancement for console gaming. Microsoft talked up the new Xbox One so much and promised their fans something worth while and more. Unfortunately the new console was buggy, laggy, not up to par performance wise, and the user interface was terrible. The UI(User Interface) was really just so complicated and did not make a whole lot of sense. When a new technology comes out, they should make sure they make it to where their costumers can easily get the hang of it. There is no reason to make it more complicated than it needs to be. First of all, the Xbox interface just did not make a whole lot of sense. Microsoft tried to implement their windows 8 UI into it, but did a terrible job. Also the fact that it would lag and freeze for 10 second every time you clicked on something in the UI was awful.

Here is a really good article on Forbes that explains the User Interface errors more in depth: Forbes

Also here is a very funny video about Microsoft’s new inventions for the future:

New technology is great and all but techies need to remember the casual tech user and do a better job at explaining and making things as simple as possible. There is no need for complicated in daily used items. These inventions are not for rocket scientist or space exploration. Simple is better, especially in our society today. Everyone wants things done fast and simple. There is fast everything, we are a lazy society.

So if you are an IT as your job, remember the non-techie folk. They want simple and easy. And if you must ring it something new, make sure you explain it thoroughly, even if you think it is easier than 4th grade math. Everyone is on different levels of technology understanding. Your users are important and it is important for your job to keep good relationships with them and stay on their good sides. You, your boss, and your coworkers will all appreciate it in the long run.

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