Mentoring in Business Field

Mentoring is very important in business. Successful businessmen are looking for a mentor or become mentors for their employees. Often, businessmen receiving mentor from experienced or from older businessmen. Also, employees always need to mentoring and person help them in many problems. Manager or leader in general is mentor, adviser, and we can describe is the one who always be close to employees and controls them and their work. An organization without a mentor always had problems in works and relationships, it is possible that there will be losses in work.




Some ideas on how mentoring from Brian Tracy. These ideas can increase the person knowledge in business and increase production of work. Brian Tracy has many videos about development, also has a website very helpful with a good number of books.


–       Set goals and put integrated vision for future plans. It is important to choose right people and work with them as a team. Not everyone can develop strategies for success but guidance leads to building strategies for future work. Of course, if there’s no goal for organizations there will not be a great success or profit.




–       Educated people are always accustomed to receiving proper guidance because they have an open mind and the experience has been gained from education. So, non-educated businessmen do not have many additional scientific expertise’s that enables them to manage businesses without frequent assistance. Good mentors who have strong experience through which they can mentor others to succeed. The successful mentor asks people to study and learn to acquire knowledge.




–       Time is very important for managers and mentors. Spend Too much time in Mentoring or teach someone how to work well give rise to a many inconvenience. Always focus on one point to develop is more effective to focus on many things. Also, continue develop something and continue to receive Mentoring helps a person to overcome an obstacles.




–       In Mentoring there must be a discussion, always someone who wants to receive Mentoring should lead the discussion and he knows what he wants from mentor. Develop specific points and explain to mentor facilitates change process and receive Mentoring.

–       Mentor not like Coach. Mentor to a specific things not as a coach for a general things. Always receive Mentoring from mentor have been planned in advance. Must subtract what we want to hear, this calls Mentoring in the business world.

–       It is possible to be a mentor is not an effective and product. A mentor who is not effective must be change immediately because it possible lead to failure. Mentor may be is not suitable in business, which requires to replaced and search for someone who has the skills and capabilities that help rectify any problems.

To find a mentor should be someone interested in you and interested in your business. Also, a parson looking to succeed with you and inspire the spirit of enthusiasm and change you. In business the best way to learn is learning from mistakes and learning from failed businesses and experiments. According to studies that learning from mistakes is the fastest way to learn and achieve success. Any one does not learn from his or her mistakes, or mistakes from others will not have success in a long term. So, every businessman and employees must learning from his or her mistakes and the mistakes that hears it and makes it a point to begin a success.

Finally, Mentoring is very important in business. Always find mentor cares for you and your business will leads to success. Also, not all mentors are successful. Setting goals makes a successful future vision. Education is important for the Mentor and manager who want to receive Mentoring. Do not spend too much time to receive Mentoring and tried to focusing on one point to development. Mentor must begin with a discussion and managers drive the discussion. A mentor is completely different from a coach. Learning from mistakes the best way to learn and succeed. My experience in life I have received many mentoring. Father, mother, manager, and professor are mentors they teach what we need to learn and guide us to the correct way. Always in our daily lives we see managers or teachers gives inspired to everyone. So, everyone has a responsibility must be mentor, in family, college, and organization everywhere must have a mentor.



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