New Client Relationships

Relationship marketing is one of the most concepts when it comes to having a customers. Relationship marketing is the creation of customer loyalty and maintaining that loyalty. organizations use combinations of products, prices, distribition, promotions, and services to achieve this goal. Relationship marketing is based on the idea that important customers need continuous attention. An organization using relationship marketing is not seeking simply a sale or a transaction. It has targeted a major customer that it would like to sell to  now and in the future. The company would like to demonstrate to the customer that it has the capabilities to serve the account’s needs in a better way. especially if committed relationship can be formed. The company’s goal is to get customers, and more important, to retain customers. Customer relationship marketing provides the key to retaining customers.

Forbes has a wonderful article that gives three great tips for turning relationships into revenue.

1) It’s vital to have clarity on exactly what you offer and to whom – “So, before you even go for the sale, it has to be obvious how to do business with you.”

2) Create a promotional calendar that integrates with your editorial calendar – “When you provide sufficient value-adding educational content across your various networks, people will be much more likely to respond to your offers”

3) Do favors for key influencers in your networks, with no expectation of return – “Help promote their latest blog posts, books, seminars, for example. But, don’t just limit yourself to those with ‘high Klout scores.’ ”

Maintaining a relationship is important, but the most important this is creating the relationship in the first place. The book The Geek Leader’s Hanbook gives us a list of eight ways to establish strong relationships with new clients.


1) Put yourself in their shoes

2) Find out what a real win looks like for your client

3) Suggest changes to your deliverables if necessary

4) Show them your commitment

5) Take responsibility in getting your point across

6) Tailor your message to the client

7) Demonstrate integrity

8) Deliver

Although, sometimes it is possible to have bad clients. here is an infographic explaining the differences between good and bad clients.


Here is an infographic about maintaining client relationships


As you can see from this info graphic, maintaining client relationships is important, but it’s impossible unless you create those relationships in the first place.


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