New Tech Baby!


New technology is constantly being released and the learning curves are becoming steeper. For instance the release of the brand new Apple Watch is reported of having an extremely steep learning curve. On April 10th was the first day anyone not employed by Apple was able to use and see the watch. For the people paying the steep price of 10,000 dollars, they have one hour to view the watch privately with an Apple Watch expert. However for the rest of us, we each receive 15 minutes to view the watch IF we pre ordered it. This also isn’t 15 minutes alone with the watch, you will be with 6-10 other people viewing the watch with a few Apple watch experts. So like I said before, technology is constantly being released, for instance cell phones are something that everyone seems to want the very newest model of. So why spend ten thousand dollars on Apple Watch 1.0 that can work with I-Phone 5-6 and more then likely whatever phone comes next. However by then won’t there be an Apple Watch two? Who knows, technology is constantly changing. When cell phones first came out they were huge, and they only could make calls, then the trend became how small can we make a Cell Phone now it seems were going back the other way, now the more popular phones are getting big again, for instance the Note, Iphone 6 plus, Droid Evo, etc… Technology is constantly fluctuating and its getting more interesting to see the paths that companies will go with it.



The video above represents something that I love, cars, and not just any ordinary car, that is a Nissan GTR with an Alpha Omega Twin Turbo upgrade, the technology in this car and the company AMS has grown exponentially since 2011, this company was the first company ever to make a Nissan GTR break the nine second mark for a quarter mile, then in 2012 they upgraded even more and broke the eight second barrier. Then finally in 2014 they broke the seven second barrier with the Alpha Omega version of the Nissan GTR, and what is amazing about this is it is still a street car! It broke the record with a stock GTR with the Omega Performance package!



Now this video above is special to me as well because I love video games, and I have always been an Xbox fan. I have had all three xbox consoles in my lifetime, from the original Xbox back in 2001 and the Xbox 360 in 2005 and then finally the Xbox One in 2014! It sounds korny when I say that each system represents pieces of my childhood however I remember playing certain games on the Xbox back in 2001 that were recently remade on the Xbox one, so its almost a trip down memory lane! However the technology is the most amazing thing that you are able to see change just in harddrive space alone! The Xbox required memory cards in order for memory to be most effective. The Xbox 360 came with a 20 Gig Hard drive when relaeased in 2005. Now the Xbox one has a stock 500 gig hard drive. However the memory isn’t everything that has changed, the ability to play online and communicate is so amazing, you only used to be able to talk to people who were playing the same game that you were playing, however now you can talk to people know matter what. With the Xbox One you can now download games straight to your harddrive instead of going to the store and waiting in line. Xbox has set some very amazing steps in place for future Xbox game consoles, and im excited to see where the technology takes us!


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