New Technology Introduction

In the technical world it is not usually seen as very important to make sure users have a good experience with the new software that is being rolled out. IT people often don’t like to help the other employees learn it, because they don’t feel that it is in their job description. In the book the Authors describe the process as a unsaid unnamed responsibility of the IT employees. One of the most important parts of the introduction to the technology is the user’s experience with it, and how it was appealing or unappealing, their beginning emotions to the software, or implementation. It is very important that Users have some kind of introduction to the implementation before the roll-out, if it is too late, the user will already not like it and they will not turn back from it. This article talks briefly on how there is importance on creating a technology plan. Doing this helps to get the project pushed out and introduced in a good and timely manner and to teach the users a little about it to get them a little acquainted to how to use it and how it may change their job.

Many people don’t like the idea of having to learn a new software, but most times it is to improve efficiency and the way things are done. Although it is meant to be good, people don’t like change so they will generally not want new software that changes how they are to work and get things done.

I have experience a bad roll-out of a system. I once installed a system on the home network at my house. I setup a server as the DHCP so that the router was not taking the load and trying to distribute the packets of data to each computer on the network. I had told them about it, but said it wouldn’t do anything, that it wouldn’t affect the network at all. Then I was wrong, the server had a few glitches in it and my parents didn’t know what to do, so then I had to restore the router to its default. they didn’t like the change because it was new, and it glitched once and they didn’t like that it wasn’t 100% stable at that moment.

The same thing happened when I first introduced my parents to Google Chrome. They didn’t know how it worked and they had no introduction to it. I just put it on their computer and told them they should use it. They didn’t like it at first but I later described why they should use it and they soon began to use it regularly.

In the end it is very important that we help users learn to use new software, or implementations that we add to work computers, and systems that we install that would change the way the users work.

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