New Technology is Hard

Technology is advancing more than we even know each and every year. I still have my playstation 2, so I am a bit outdated in terms of updated technology. When talking about technology advancement in the business world, it can be a touchy subject for a non-geek. Technical people tend to see change as a great thing, while a businessman may look at it as, “oh I have to change the way I’ve been doing something for ten years just because of a new update“. This is a common thing in the workplace, because people often times see change as having to learn a whole new program.

When a company releases a new program or system to use the technical person needs to make sure to train at least one other person so he does not get a call a week later with somebody saying they do not know how to use the system. It is important for at least one person in the company to be trained efficiently enough to be able to help whoever needs it when dealing with the new system or update. It is hard for a geek to teach somebody, so when a geek does help the non-geek needs to show his or her appreciation.

Another annoying thing for a technical person is when a business asks them to help design a website, and the company decides that they do not need it after all. When a geek gets an assignment like this, they tend to be a perfectionist and spend a lot of time creating a master piece. When a non-geek tells the geek they do not need the website anymore, this is like a slap in the face. Matthew gave a good example of this, but his response to the denial of the website was, “at least I got paid”. This is true, but deep down he had to have felt mad


I chose this picture because smart watches are going to be the next big thing. It is very convenient, because lets say you are in a business meeting and you want to know who texted you or called; all you have to do is look at your watch and act like you are checking the time. With all of the advancement of smart watches comes a pretty high learning cap. If you buy the most expensive apple watch you can get a full training session with someone from apple on how to use the watch. If you buy the cheaper one you get a smaller tutorial. This is a great thing to add with the watches, because who wants to buy a watch they have no idea how to use?

This video is a great example, because I think he is talking to his mother on the phone about how to use a laptop. I think it is safe to say that nowadays everyone can use a laptop, but he was impatient with her and was talking to her over the phone and not able to show her step by step on how to use the new technology. In a real world setting, the trainer needs to be patient, because while it may be easy to you, it may look foreign to somebody who is not technical at all.

Technology will continue to grow, so whenever a new system is introduced to a company, they should be open to change. Change is a good thing, and there may be some times where it can be bad but this is very rare. D2L would probably be an example of technology advancement gone wrong, but it has came a long way in recent years and is manageable by anybody with little training.

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