power, influence, and relationship

Not everyone has the power and influence to others. Power and influence a few because most people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their influence.  Power and influence varies from one person to another, there is influence in the country religion, business, family and friends. Anywhere or any relationship there is a person has an influential and power. As my research about power and influence , there are different types of power and influence. There are positive impact and negative impact, as there are good and bad effect.


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Power and influence is always associated with relationships. All people can establish relations, but with a power and influence becomes a different relationship. Relationships in everything has positive feedback effect. Relationships enables businessmen to turn a profit and build good relationships with clients. Whatever built relationships with clients Whatever continue to work with Achieve profits.So, many relationships given power, influence makes people always around you.


Understanding New Power:




Through life’s experiences and knowledge we can rate influence and power, for example, how a dictator governments have the power and force people to live without freedom. Also, through my experience in business I noticed the influence of manager on a staff and how managers motivated and managed work with their power and charisma. Also, businessmen like Bill Gates, how he successful in managing his business and his employees. Clerics also have their influence strength over their followers in this world of and they are gives people strength and hope in this life. Influence in families, every family must have a person who has influence and power for example, mother or father or older brother. Always parents have power and influence to their children in a positive or a negative. Older brother also has a power and influence on young brothers in everything, for example, behavior, knowledge, relationships, and others. My family, my father of course has larger power then my mother and elder brother. All decisions from my parents must be taken into consideration and respect. I have power and influence on my young brothers, I can ask them not to leave the house or do some stuff for me.




Through my studies in the last semester with P. Suzanne Davis I met D. Edwin Estevez. We received a lot of practical advice from him: he spoke about management and how to build good relationship. Key elements of hiring and leadership and build relations: first, inspire to do more, have capacity to create influences as a leader, inspire others to do more then what they think of themselves. Second, a leader is best when people say, “we did it,” with the ability to not be the center of attention. Third, influence no authority. The more you demonstrate your drive and passion to influence others toward the goal, the more distinctive you are. D. Estevez management is doing things correct, the right leadership can do the right things and  build a good relationship.  Also, he said to “follow effective action with quiet reflection, from there, there will come more effective action.” The best thing mentioned was that “Mr. Speed doesn’t mean productivity.” Finding your purpose and working hard to influence others for that cause is also important. He said that willingness to resolve conflict between coworkers is the hardest part of management to keep relationships without problems, and I think he is right. He mentioned some keys to conflict resolution: best intentions, positive regard, and interdependence.  Understand who you are or someone else will tell you who you are. “You can do better just by thinking you can, believe in yourself and do what you want,” D. Estevez told us. D. Estevez concluded his speech on management by telling us to motivate, to please God in all things, to collaborate, to get along with one another, to concentrate and focus on what is important.

Finally, not everyone has power and influence. They’re are always power and influence anywhere and any relations. There are good and bad power and influence. Also, there is positive and negative influence. Power and influence found in government, business, religions, families and friends. power and influence is always associated with relationships. Relationships enables businessmen to achieve a profit. Also, touched on some examples from my experience about power and influence in business and family. Relationships is important for all people and no one can live without relations, even Geeks need Relationships to sustain life.




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