Presenting to business people

Presenting to business people as a geek can be a very hard task at hand especially for geeks in the workplace. Geeks aren’t really the idea kind of people person in the workplace.  In fact it has to be done so geeks has to get on board and get to it because their IT ideas aren’t going to present themselves. After getting the nervous chills out presenting will seem less difficult and geeks will be more encouraged to present something to business people. The major points for this are really based off of how the audience is.

The first stage of presenting to business people as a geek is to clarify your goal. Its important to do this because you as a geek should know what your goals are before trying to present it to business people. Showing that you have strong expectations about what your presenting is important. Making people getting on board with your plans can really give you the edge for the acceptance for your audience.  The best way is to show the best thing that you can do the best which is show how the technology works the best within the presentation.

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Next getting into their heads is key because you want to know what your working with before you present. Doing this is like having a game plan going into something like a business plan. Getting to know your audience is key, which basically means knowing  what they really want or knowing how they feel about your presentation. After figuring out this you should know and choose what is the best thing to say to be successful in presenting your case to the business people. For an example its just like when I was in a speech class we had to prepare our speech according to what our audience was going to be. The delivery of your presentation is a big factor as well. Having an effective delivery with your presentation can be shown by having good examples, having the right tone of voice, and knowing what the goals of your audience is.





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