Relationships With Clients

Relationships with clients are extremely important in the work place. The chapter for this week is “Establishing New Client Relationships”. The author specifically gets in detail about “8 ways to establish a strong relationship with new clients”. The author goes in depth on each of the 8 ways, we wont go into such detail here. But I will summarize the 8 ways. The author talks about how the client is more hopeful and the consultant has more fear. There are a lot of pressures on consultants to perform and meet certain standards. Finding out what clients really want is also very important. Being on the same page is key for success. Also showing commitment as a consultant is very beneficial. Going the extra mile will show a lot. Learn how to talk to your client the best way for them. And finally, deliver. Do the job and do it the right way. Here is a link to an article on building relationships with clients: Forbes


As a coach I have had a lot of experience with building relationships with “clients”. The organization I coach for, Rawlings Tigers is highly respected and well known in the Midwest. There are a lot of eyes on our organization and it is an honor to be apart of it. Every year thousands of players come and try out for our organization and very little actually make the cut. It takes a lot to become a player for our organization and it is not cheap at all. With all this said, the parents of players who make the cut expect a lot from the coaches and staff. There are a lot of pressures from the owners, parents, and coaches to perform. All of the staff represent the organizations and we must do our best to represent it the right way. Each parent and their child is a client to us. As a coach a lot of things are expected from us and it is important we stay true to them and follow through. Coaching is not just about winning, there is much more. My team is 16 years old. This is the season right before their most important season, their junior year. Their junior year they will be looked at by college coaches and hopefully get scholarships. It is my job as a coach to help them learn about the game, themselves, life, and what college coaches expect and look for. It is my job to get my boys ready for college baseball and to teach them what to expect. As a coach i need to learn to interact with each different player and their parent. Each parent pays a lot of money for this team and expect me to follow through with what they want their child to get. Every year I hold a meeting with my players parents and clearly lay down my mission and get all of the details out of the way in the beginning. Making what they want clear and what i will do clear. Also i get to know the parents by going out to dinners and lunches in out of town tournaments with them. Learning about each different parent helps me know more about what they expect from  me as a coach. Overall,coaching has been a big help in preparing me for future jobs and clients.



Relationships with clients are important no matter what work field. If there are no clients, there is no business. Keeping the client happy and building a strong relationship is key. Always put the client first and go out of the way for the client. Going the extra mile can work wonders for your career. Another article.


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