The Importance of Mentoring

This week we have discussed shaping those around us that will soon be future tech leaders. we need to be conscious of what is going on around us. In our book it talks about how in the field of technology there are a few things that many of us will as k at one point or another, one of which is “How can I make a lasting impact?” this is a good place to start. making a lasting impact is not always about making an impact with our work at the company and our work, but also in many cases the younger ones around us that will soon be the technological leaders. We can lead and leave impacts through the relationships we make and the people we come in contact with. Each and every person is different and how you connect with them will be different than any other person. We also discussed the act of selecting those who you may be a ,mentor to. The person that you will help to bring up as a leader in the field. there are many different ways to select a person as a leader, many of them are wrong. a few of the ways that you can do this the wrong way are by, technical expertise, education, dominating personality, and charisma. In depth, if you decide on a person that has technical expertise they may be smart in that specific area, but they may not be a good person because they may  not be able to “lead” very well.

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