Trust in Business

Trust is a key element in building relationships, in all areas of scientific and practical life. Also, trust is considered as basic leadership properties. Everyone in business needs to gain trust and keep it by working hard. Everyone agrees that difficult to gain trust, so must the person who wants to gain trust from people careful in all behaviors and actions. A good leader keeping trust with his team, because if there is not trust the team cannot achieve success.




The most important principles for building, restoring, and maintaining trust by Anders mentioned in his article

How To Build Relationships Of Trust:

Walk Your Talk. This is about behavior and ethics in performing tasks. Arrive on time, perform tasks on time, apologize for mistakes, fulfill your promise, and sharing duties with your team.


Communicate Frequently And Openly. Learning and using communication skills, will build trust. A team sharing in all tasks and open a direct dialogue on a regular basis gives building trust. Effective listening and sharing ideas also contribute to building trust between team members.


Tell The Truth And Take A Stand. Anyone who wants to build a trust must be honest with others and must be away from lying. one lie could demolishes trust and will be difficult to rebuild trust.


Be Transparent And Unite. Sharing feelings, beliefs, ideas, suggestions, goals, and other stuff between team. Create an atmosphere of intimacy and affection gives everyone understands each other.


Show People That You Care About Them. Show your interest and trust for all people. It’s good to use some words that show people your care of them and you will always work with them, especially in business field. Also, show your respect and gratitude to people and thank them more than once for work with them.


Empower Others. Attention to the details of people, gives them the initiative, and lets them a talk at first. Show your capabilities to others and ask about the reflexes to take notes.


Focus On The Positives, Coach And Train Others. Be positive not negative with others, guide others to the straight path and urged them to stay away from mistakes. People always trust the person who urges them and guide them by positive ways.


Follow High Ethical Standards. People always like advice, good morals, respect, feelings, and integrity.


Admit Mistakes And Weaknesses. Admit mistakes and try to fix it. Face your outgoing mistakes, be transparent and start dialogue and discussion to find appropriate solutions. Recognition of mistakes does not mean weakness.


Establish Long Term Relationships. Gain trust, not only for business interests, but it is to build long-term relationships. Build a relationship and trust reflects your morals and your values.




Through studies one in five persons trust businessmen and a government leader. Many businessmen Suffers not trust, which reflects negatively on their business and difficult to access new business and money. Also, through studies there is a real crisis in leadership CEO of Edelman, in a statement. “Business and governmental leaders must change their management approach and become more inclusive, by behaving more transparently and seeking the input of employees, consumers and activists along with traditional academics, and adapting to their feedback.” A recent study carried out by Edelman, 18%Trust in business leader, less than 41% trust in government and 13% trust in government head. This confirms that there is really a problem in a relationship between trust and leadership.




Finally, trust is very important in building business and personal relationships. Leaders always need to build trust with their followers to achieve their goals. There are basic principles to build, restore, and retain trust. Applying these principles will make people more trusts to you. My experience in trust, through my experience with face clients and work with them outside of work sometimes, talk with clients about their interests and lets them start to talk that makes them more comfortable to talk. If clients feel comfortable to talk that will build trust. Also, providing advice and facilitate their requests will builds trust. Good mood, ethics, tranquility, integrity, and honesty all this creates a trust environment with people.





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