Trust Issues

Honesty is something everyone has learned at a young age, but some people still lie and break promises to save themselves from hard work or sometimes to avoid a situation altogether. If we learned this at a young age why is it so hard to be honest? Lying is the easy way out, and in the business world I’m afraid lies happen a little to often. All of us are about to go into the working world, and when we each get a job interview in the future it is very important that we are honest. We do not want to tell our possible future boss a list of lies to make ourselves sound better than we really are. Another example of when honesty is best is when you get a project in a company. Telling your boss that you will get the task done in a shorter duration then when it actually will be done will result in a bunch of negatives for you and the company.


This is a pretty standard definition of what honesty is. It seems simple, but people struggle with it everywhere.

I’ve grown up playing on many different sports teams. I played soccer, football, basketball, and baseball, and on every team there was always teammates that slacked off when the coach was not watching. To me this is not being honest, because the coach sets a standard for everyone to live up too, and when one person does not perform with one hundred percent effort it drags the rest of the team down. It may not seem like it, but when that certain player is put into the game and gets injured or struggles it is to be expected since they did not practice as hard or go as hard on a sprint as they should have. One other example of this is when I was in basketball practice a teammate was slacking off while doing planks, and we already had to do a two minute plank as it was. The coach saw him not giving his best effort, and made the whole team do an extra two minutes and we would have to continue doing it until everyone stayed up for two full minutes.

This video displays a different kind of honesty. Sheldon is brutally honest which sometimes is not the best, but at least he is honest. I feel like the reason it is so easy to lie sometimes is because some people are afraid of hurting others feelings. Geeks may not care, because they are not good with feelings in the first place. Honesty with employees is key, because if you are not straight up with them then your life is going to be miserable working around them. Professor Bell got yelled at by her first boss and she had no clue what she had done. The boss should have came to her with full honesty so they could work out the problem at hand.

One of the most important things is to forget about the past and move forward. If you hang onto something it is only going to effect further encounters with people in your business. Deloy has mentioned this in class a ton of times, and he had his team meet up and just get everything off their chest in a private place outside of work. This is a great way to know what people are actually thinking.

Here are some great verses talking about honesty.

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