Trust Y’all

Restoring client trust is a huge part of business, and just about anywhere, earning the trust of someone is essential to life in general. In the movie clip below I chose this particular clip from the Fast and the furious, when Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Connor, is walking over to Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Torretto’s car after he just got in an accident, you start to hear sirens in the distance and what you expect is that Brian is going to arrest Dom, however instead he restored Dom’s trust by giving him his own car to get away. That moment is iconic for the seven-movie mega franchise, because that’s when you start to see the beginning of the trust between the two.



Restoring client trust is something  I have never had to do in my life yet, I think the closest thing to that would be when I was working at Bucheitt in Greenville, there was an employee who I assumed was stealing from my department, and since I was still new I had no idea what he was doing at first, he would tell me he was stocking some new knives, and I didn’t even question him until one day a few weeks after I was putting the new order of guns in the gun case when he asked to see one of them. I told him that they didn’t have the safety locks on yet and I would let him see it as soon as I had applied the trigger lock. After I had it on I handed it to him, and he looked at it for a few moments and handed it back to me. I put it in the case and locked the safe. The next day I get to work and there was an uproar because someone had stolen a gun. The police were there and the store manager was there, it was nuts and literally as I walked in for my shift I was immediately escorted into the back as I was there prime suspect. The police officer asked if I new why I was being suspected of something, I was clueless, one of the more immature managers was swearing at me and saying they were going to press charges, however when I was finally told what had happened, I told them that I did not steal any guns what so ever, and I said that I had no idea what happened because it was just me and Trey who were back there. Trey happened to be the son of the manager that was attacking me with her words. I then told them all that I suspected he did it, because he was the only one else who had handled the gun the day before. They checked in treys locker, and it was empty, they went to his car and it was hidden in a backpack under the seat. So I was cleared, however it was the first month that I was there and I was looked at as a potential thief so I had to work really hard to prove that I wasn’t that type of person, I restored my employers trust with my hard work and honesty. The video below is a question an answer panel about restoring client trust.


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