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whats right for you?

Our society is always changing and adapting with new technology being released on a frequent basis. With all this new technology it makes me introduce how you introduce this to your clients, as well as how you know which is right for their needs. For clients its hard to distinguished between all the features of the latest technology, as well as to know which ones fit their lifestyle, this is where we step in. Bringing new technology to clients is always a one of a kind experience. In this chapter we go over introducing new technology to clients, and I will be covering why its hard to adopt new technology, why geek values conflict with good client experiences, and how to achieve a good first experience.



Its usually hard to try and adopt new technology in the with clients, and in the workplace. According to the book some reasons why adoption fails:

1. It’s too late

2. IT people are too focused on the technology

3. IT ignores the importance of the experience

The first point talks about how if you are planning on pushing new technology in a workplace you need to start early. If you give employees time to resist the new system then they will be very unlikely to learn how to use the new technology. A good article I read about this is in the following link :Getting Employees on board with new technology. I like this article because it gives employers some very useful ways to convince employees who are already skeptical about the transition.

The second point is a very familiar experience for me, and I see it quite a bit at the IT Center. I see IT technicians that are often way to focused and hyped about a new technology coming out. Because of this they want to push the new technology on everyone and try to get clients to use it. The thing I don’t like about this though is that you can’t push this technology one someone who doesn’t need it. While the idea of this technology might be new and exciting, you have to stop and think, Is this something that fits the customers lifestyle and needs? I feel like you need to think what will work best for the client.

I really liked this article that showed how you should introduce new technology to clients. New technology and clients. Another good resource that relates to this topic is this chart that shows how to pick the right product for your clients. I like this chart because it is so thorough. Not only that but it really breaks down how to find exactly what the client wants.
































































The third point is that IT Technicians don’t focus on the client’s experience as much as they focus on getting the job done. This is very important because it leads me to my next topic.



The geek values that conflict with a good client experience are as follows:

1. Provide flawless technology

2. Meet every deadline

3. Come in under budget

4. Include every feature users were expecting

This does not help with the client experience because client’s don’t care about the technical side of the project. Client’s care about how you make them feel, as well as if you follow through.













As I stated earlier client’s generally focus more on how you make them feel. The four feelings you should try to instill in client’s is:

1. Considered

2. Cared for

3. Empowered

4. Respected

This article shows some good ways towards a good customer experience. Good Customer Experience Tips. To instill these feelings in clients try to understand:

1. Try to understand where they are coming from

2. Try to imagine what could go wrong

3. Plan ahead to avoid disasters, promote good feeling

4. Execute thoughtfully and flexibly

These are all my tips towards providing the best possible experience for clients as well as how to introduce new technology. I hope this helps.


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