What New Entrepreneurs Needs

What New Entrepreneurs Needs

Entrepreneurs and businessmen always need a work plan to present it to clients and the labor market to get support and loans for project success. Presentations are important in business field, through which exposure ideas, opinions, and capacity in investments. Presentations in business field are different from presentations in other fields. For entrepreneurs in the beginning they should develop a clear work plan and well deliberate goals. “People misunderstand that the pitch is a different medium than the plan,” says by Tim Berry.

Prepare your plan and Presentation:

Work plan consists of persuading people that you have new ideas and innovations are unprecedented, or ideas have been developed to benefit for people. To ensure the success of work plan must have some available items; a entrepreneur needs to work with teamwork to supports and works on project success. Identify a product or invention and set up market controls. Identify ways of service and categories that will benefit from a product. Get support and money to start a project. Finally, experiences and good management contribute to project success. So entrepreneurs must prepare a study of their project and put work strategies, and then provide studies for investors about teamwork, products, expectations, earnings, marketing, and other important details that ensure project’s success.




“Match your financing goals to reality,” Tim Berry says. “Don’t think you’re going to get millions in venture capital unless you have a good track record with previous startups, a very strong potential business, and a realistic exit strategy. If you’re looking for a few hundred thousand dollars, look into angel investors, seed money investors and/or seed money funds. Understand which investors want high-growth and high-risk strategies, and which will accept lower growth and lower risk.”


New entrepreneurs always need to prepare for earning opportunities at any time and continue to displays their projects to investors and the market. Entrepreneurs should have with them all Notes include studies carried out about project, money needed, time needed for work, place the start, expectations, and profits. Also, must have a prepare slide show consists of images and graphs to convince investors for all ideas.




Choose Investors:

New entrepreneurs must choose investors and supporters carefully. It is possible to be supportive friends, family members, anyone you have relationships with them, and any person or investor has money to support your project with great success rate. It is important to choose investors who claim for a long time and agree with your ambition and aspirations. In the modern time there are multiple and variation in finance sources. It is not difficult to find a financier, but difficult to find a financier appreciate your business.



This article helps to choose perfect partner for new entrepreneurs “Five Tips for Selecting an Investment Partner


– Know needs from financier and what you want to get. Know what to do when you get the money.

–  Evaluate each company and investor according to your expectations and which company or investor can work with it for a long time and achieve success.

– Culture fit between investors and entrepreneurs that possible to make a good relationship that necessary for work success.

– Thinking about personal culture of a partner because educated person has a good behavior, morality experience, knowledge, and other elements of a perfect man.

– Stability of a company or investor in material terms. The stability of a company resulting from a good work and profits.


My experience in banking and marketing , I worked as a banker and customer service. Banker always required working hard to bring a new customer and bring businessmen who have money to the bank. Tasks that I practiced going to visit some companies and businessmen and tell them our offers and advantages of banking that we had. Was incumbent on all Bank staff to marketing for bank products such as credit cards and loans to achieve specific targets. I was work to bring friends and relatives and worked to facilitate their access to get credit cards or loans. Of course, working in presentation field is very interesting and gives a lot of incentives and making profit.




Finally, Entrepreneurs and businessmen always need a work plan to present it to clients and the labor market to get support and loans for project success. Presentations are important in business field. Also, it is important to develop strategies to work plan and how to do it include choose work team, choosing a product, and prepare market controls. A new entrepreneurs need to choose a company or investor carefully.


This video provides some advice about “Make Money as an Entrepreneur in 5 Simple Steps” by Brian Tracy.

Brian Tracy have many  videos that help new business or  new entrepreneur to began project , make money, marketing a product, work team , prepare work strategies, and achieve success.









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