Yes, I Love Technology

Many people love technology. In my experience, there are those that love technology and are good at it, those that hate technology and stay away from it, and those who love technology (and think they’re experts) but actually mess everything up all of the time. Advancements in technology have allowed us all to live more comfortable lives, but with that change there is always a bit of frustration. Clients are frustrated when they cannot understand the technology they are given to use just as geeks are frustrated by clients who somehow find a way to download 34 viruses when they say all their doing is checking emails.

My sister has a lot of experience with this sort of frustration. She repairs computers on a freelance basis for family and friends. Most of these clients are of the older population and think that they know a lot about computers and new programs when in reality, they know next to nothing. I watch her often become frustrated when she fixes and cleans up a computer only to get a call in a couple of weeks that the computer isn’t working again.

I personally had experience a few years back at my church. As a congregation of 30, we are stuck in the past. Awhile ago, we upgraded to using a projector during our service and that alone caught a lot of pushback. One lady in my church to this day refuses to look at the projector and only looks at the hymnal. This same sort of trouble happened when I attempted to introduce MediaShout to organize our service. This argument had to involve the pastor stepping in to mediate the conflict. Older generations, in my experience, give a lot of technological pushback. I get incredibly frustrated, and I’m not even a geek in the situation.

I find that most of my cousins under the age of 7 know more about how to operate an iPhone 6 than my grandparents know about their iPhone 4. Since technology is becoming more advanced each year, I can’t even fathom what kinds of conveniences my children will be able to benefit from. Culturally, I think that children growing up with technology in their lives is benefitting them in their ability to live in our world, however there can be negative repercussions. Without proper socialization as well, our communities will suffer even though workplaces may thrive. This article entitled, “Children and Technology: How Much is Best?” speaks more about how much technology is too much for children to be exposed to. Finding that proper balance is key in raising a human who can live in our technological world while also coexisting.


Even if younger generations don’t know how to do something on a computer or other device, we generally know when and how to get help. Perhaps the reason that we get so frustrated with older people who always seem to not understand technology, is because their probably too intimidated to ask for help when they first realize they need it. So instead, they mess around and click things they shouldn’t in order to try to fix it themselves before admitting their ignorance. In the future, I think that even though children have grown up exposed to technology, we will still experience the same frustration as it continues to evolve. Geeks will always be frustrated by non-geeks attempting to just “figure it out”, so as much as it stinks I think that geeks will definitely have to continue being taught how to deal with difficult clients.

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