Geeks lack of influence

Geeks rarely represent the person to person relantionship skills that business people also know as suits should have to be suceessful. For geeks to lack this they have trouble influencing business people regularly. IT managment leaders struggle to influence because of their lack to get through to their colleguges which will bring frustarion and then will bring a more diffcult chance of influncing then. Some of the main reasons is because geeks make decisions without consulting you and they often dont liste when they consult you.  Like in any job geeks may want to get heard but they dont want to listen especially if your lower on the chain of command.


Also geeks get this feeling that their right and that they need to protect themselves. This feeling is kind of like my back is to the wall and they begin to freak out even more. I was working at a grounds crew job where we sometimes team up with the IT/ electrian guy and when we tried to help him figure a way to put the moniters up the right way he was feeling like everyone was jamming his opinons dowmn the drain and he was starting to get offensive and he got a little excited. So we backed off and just listened to what he wanted. With this expreince I realized that geeks have control problems if it comes to something they know and if something else is presented then they decline it.


Geeks understanding influnce versus power is a big challenge as well. Source of power really comes from many key things like having the expertise, control of information, control of resoucres, and most important having the position of authority. Being an expert gives you the power to influnce someone because you know so much and that can give you the keys to help someone. Where power comes into play is the ones with the information. The geeks with information hold a good chunk off the power because they hold the key to all the information that someone in the business maybe seeking to have.

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