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This particular topic will be tougher for me because I am a full fledged American suit, and this topic talks about how Geeks can overcome the influence barrier. To be honest I don’t know if the stereotypical geek that we have learned about in this class could gain influence over a business decision, if they first don’t change some personality matters. For instance the quiet narcissistic judgments they put out when someone doesn’t agree with them are very obvious because suits are great at reading non-verbal cues. Also Geeks would need to change there need to be right all the time, because no one is correct all the time, and in meetings about future business, most ideas will get thrown out no matter what. I think the last chapter could really help Geeks start to gain influence with the suits, if they were to improve there ability of presenting, because if a Geek can give a killer presentation about how the company can succeed with there idea. However Geeks have to be aware of the full picture, not just there own bubble. Geeks are quick to judge situations, for instance they think that everyone that isn’t them, are idiots, which will make influencing someone impossible.



The video is a song, which basically asks, “how do you expect to be taken seriously?” That goes for Geeks who aren’t willing to change there ways, because what I’ve learned so far in this class are Geeks are pretty set in there ways, if they don’t care about something, it will be hard to motivate them to do that, because incentives and benefits don’t really work on them. So how can you be more influential? For suits hearing about technology can be boring, and that’s not meant as an insult, its like how Geeks find Roth IRA’s boring, people just have different interests, its just suits can hide there dislike for something better than Geeks can. Geeks make it known to everyone that they don’t like certain things. So how can you change that? What I do is try to find the fun in the situation. If I enjoy just one part of it, I will take it and run with it, then present it to make it sound awesome. Geeks need to be able to get excited in front of non geeks, that will show influence, the ability to speak assertively with confidence will help you demand influence.



The video above is one of the best self improvement books on the planet, I have personally read the book four times, and it has legitimately helped me in many situations. The book in a nut shell teaches you how to handle people, because sub consciously everyone really only cares about themselves. So handling people with that in mind makes it so much easier to get things done well if you always start with how what you want benefits them. For instance for me, I talked myself into a raise based on telling Buchiett how much of an asset I have been to them so far, and how my improvement has raised the Guns and groceries department since my arrival. This book is the best book for almost anyone for any situation and I highly recommend it.












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