Making a Sale


We have finally made it to the last chapter of the year and this week, the blog is all about selling to geeks. Unfortunately, I am going to really struggle through this for two reasons. First, I feel like I am a terrible salesman. Have you ever heard the phrase, “he could sell water to a drowning man?” Well, this is not me. I could struggle to sell that same man a lifejacket. My terrible salesmanship is only part of the reason why I am not a fan of this chapter. My second reason is, I am a geek. It is hard to talk about doing things to geeks when you are one. Everyone is different, so what the book says may not agree with what you personally experience. Due to my inability to discuss anything productive about this chapter, I went out and found a video and three article to help anyone interested in becoming a better salesperson.
Essentials for Selling IT to the Geeks in Suits and Geeks in Black

15 Steps to Becoming a Better Salesperson

This link is from the authors of our book. They have a guide to selling to tough clients, and you can get it to emailed you here.

Below is a video about how to sell. The video is a little lengthy but brings up some very good points about what people do wrong when trying to sell.

Now that I have given the small amount of information I am able to give about sales, I want to talk about this class. Even though this class is a Computer and Information Systems class, I feel that the class is much more beneficial to people seeking business degrees than people seeking computer science degrees. The main reason why I say this is the same as my second reason for not wanting to talk about sales; everyone is different. I think the book has some good guidelines for suits that have never tried to manage technical people before, but for us geeks, the book is just something for us to compare and contrast ourselves to. This causes us to disregard parts that disagree with the way we feel about ourselves. Personally, if I compared myself to everything in this book I would not be a geek at all. I had a tendency to oppose nearly everything the book said about geeks, but I am definitely more geek than suit. Really, I did not have a problem with the class. ‘Story-time with Deloy’ was always good and very inciteful, but the book seems like it was only useful for the suits in class. I think that the class would be better if we were able to find a book that better suited both parties in the class, but there may not be a book out there able to do that.

As I said before, the class itself was good. I actually did learn a lot from the stories told in class. This is something that I have come to expect is all of my Deloy classes. I feel like I learn more from the stories about real-life experiences than I could learn from any textbook anyway. This semester, I would say that the importance of mentorship is what I learned the most about. I feel that I could really use a mentor to help me grow in the field of computer science, so if you ever want an apprentice, please let me know. I know that you hate mushy feelings, but I am going to throw some in any way. If I am totally honest, I was not a huge fan of your teaching style before this semester. Now, I feel like we have hit it off a little better, and I think that is good. I will be around all summer, and we still need to catch a race some Sunday afternoon.


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