Power and influence in daily life

Power and influence in daily life

Not everyone has the power and influence others. In the current time power and influence are littel because many people aren’t willing to do the one thing they need to grow their influence. Power and influence varies from one person to another, there is influence in countries, religions, businesses, families and friends. Anywhere or with any relationship there is a person has an influential and power. Influential people we find them in all fields, therefore we call the positive people “role models”  Every responsible person must be an example. Always we found  a good role models in daily life with parents, professors, leaders, and everyone has a responsibility. Role models could changed for good to bad. As mentioned in The Power of InfluenceMeans don’t shit where you eat article, there are different types of power and influence. There are positive and negative power and influence, as there are good and bad power and influence.




Influence, is the the ability of people to change and influence on a group of people. Influence is the ability to influence thoughts and beliefs on people. Influence can become a power but its very different from power. The best example of influence is Gandhi, he was the best influential person . A lot of people follow him, and through his strong personality and insistence Indians was able to obtain independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.


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Power,  . Power and authority always comes with together and complement each other. Also, power associated with fear. Unfortunately, at the present time a lot of people who have a power and authority used in bad things. Using only power  without Influence that makes a lot of people feel intimidated. So power and authority complement each other if it one goes the other one will gone. There are a lot of people who use power for bad things for example Saddam, Hitler, and Gaddafi these died because of their deeds.


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Through life’s experiences and knowledge we can rate influence and power, for example, how a dictator governments have the power and force people to live without freedom. Also, through my experience in business I noticed the influence of manager on a staff and how managers motivated and managed work with their power and charisma. Also, businessmen like Bill Gates, how he successful in managing his business and his employees. Clerics also have their influence strength over their followers in this world of and they are gives people strength and hope in this life. Influence in families, every family must have a person who has influence and power for example, mother or father or older brother. Always parents have power and influence to their children in a positive or a negative. Older brother also has a power and influence on young brothers in everything, for example, behavior, knowledge, relationships, and others. My family, my father of course has larger power then my mother and elder brother. All decisions from my parents must be taken into consideration and respect. I have power and influence on my young brothers, I can ask them not to leave the house or do some stuff for me.


Finally, not everyone has power and influence. They’re are always power and influence anywhere and any relations. There are good and bad power and influence. Also, there is positive and negative influence. Power and influence found in government, business, religions, families and friends. we can meet  a good role models in daily life.Influence is completely different from power.  Influence is the ability to influence thoughts and beliefs on people. Power is the authority and control everything. Touched on some examples from my experience about power and influence in business and family.


Dale Carnegie  “was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills” (wikipedia).





Difference Between Influence and Power




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