Selling for Geeks

One of the most difficult tasks for geeks is selling. Selling requires one to communicate well and be like-able. No one wants to buy from some body whom they don’t like. However, geeks have trouble being personable and getting people to like them. Another difficult aspect of selling is the fact that you have to be able to accept rejection. You can’t take rejection personally. You have to understand the Law of Averages. Essentially, The Law of Averages states that the more time and effort you put in, the more success you will have. If you increase the number of potential sales, you’re also increasing your actual sales. You can’t be afraid of rejection.



The selling process has 7 Steps.

1) Prospect and Qualify – This is the part where you figure out what your target audience is. You wouldn’t try and sell the latest technology to old people would you? This step is essentially the same thing as identifying your target market.

2) Pre approach – This is where you figure out how you are going to communicate your product’s Features, Advantages, and Benefits to your target market.

3) Approach – This is the step where you attract your target market’s attention.

4) Presentation – This is the step where you inform your target market about the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of your product. This is where you must really try to maintain their desire for your product.

5) Handling Objections – The buyer is bound to have questions and other products and prices to compare your product to. This is where they will attempt to give you reasons why they don’t want or need your product. It is your job, here, to over come their objections to you product.

6) Closing the Sale – You say something like “How does that sound?” or “Could you see yourself using something like this?” This is where you wrap up all of your hard work.

7) Follow up – Everyone loves when they feel like a company is taking care of them. It helps to build that company-customer relationship. This is where you make sure to ask how the customer is enjoying the product and receive feedback. This is also where you maintain long lasting customers because you take care of them.











This is a clip from Wolf of Wallstreet. The language in this clip is a little bit fowl, but it relates to the topic at hand. one character claims that he can sell anything. Another character gives a good example of supply and demand.

In conclusion, Selling takes quite a bit of effort, and even more effort when it comes to communicating with other people (strangers). Geeks tend to have a hard time with this, but it is completely possible for them to overcome the challenge as long as they practice and follow the 7 steps of the selling process.


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