Selling to Geeks!

Selling to geeks was a very interesting chapter, because it was the first one that I thought applied directly to me. It was very informational, and broadened my horizons significantly when it comes to selling to geeks. When Professor Cole told us that if a “Geek” is ripping apart what we are selling, that means we are doing something right. The Geek is interested in what we have to offer. Which absolutely through me for a loop, because normally when suits rip an idea or a product to shreds, it would be because they legitimately hate the idea!


When selling to “Geeks” the seller will have to come in at a completely different angle, than they would if they were selling to a suit. For instance they won’t laugh at your jokes, or they will seem nervous to “pull the trigger” on the purchase. This isn’t because they don’t like you, or they aren’t interested in what you’re selling. This is due to their lack of knowing every viewpoint. They want to know if you’re selling this to them for your own agenda or bias, other than that you may make some money out of it. Geeks will analyze everything.



This video isn’t totally true; I believe this Ted talk is talking about the average consumer. We know that a Geek would not be enticed by how sexy a product is. Geeks care about the legitimacy of the product rather then how it looks. The function and longevity matter significantly more than how it looks, and the flashiness.



The video above is about how lying can lead to a happier life, and I totally disagree when it comes to selling to geeks. Lying to a geek is worse than lying to a suit because Geeks take lying as a personal attack more so than a suit. Also Geeks would catch on to a lie much quicker than a suit which would still hurt the sale, and the relationship.


This chapter and book has significantly helped me when dealing with geeks. I believe I get along with geeks naturally already because we share similar interests. I really enjoyed this book, and am excited to try these tactics in the business world, when dealing with geeks in the work place, I believe this book and this class have prepared me for a life of being able to sell myself as a financial advisor not only to suits, but to geeks as well. I have noticed in my everyday life that selling anything to geeks is significantly more difficult than selling to a suit, whether it be a product such as an Xbox one for Jon David Urshan. I tried for over a year to convince my friend Jon to invest in an Xbox One, and he was to caught up in the PS4 specs to go ahead and buy one. Also selling ideas to geeks is hard as well, for instance when working with geeks in the past, getting them to change there mind about a topic was nearly impossible, for instance in my marketing class I worked with Gabe Buttram and as soon as he thought of something, that was the idea unless everyone in the group argued his opinion. Gabe to this day is the biggest geek I have ever had to work with for a period of time. He wasn’t even an expert in the marketing field but he talked as if he was one, he wanted to market how “Apple is overpriced and terrible” which wasn’t the topic for the project. We were suppose to come up with an idea and support it enough to get behind this, at the time I was taking the minutes of the meeting, on my Mac! This just goes to show, Geeks are hard to sell to, but if you are determined enough anything is possible.

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