Selling to geeks

When selling to geeks it can be a very difficult task. Geeks tend to analyze everything, and usually do not talk about their personal lives, leading to business people feeling like the geeks do not like them. When selling to geeks you need to understand how they think, make decisions, excites them, offends them, and what moves them to act. You have to be willing to accept rejection, because more than likely it will happen if you are selling to a geek. A problem statement means a lot to geeks, because they perform a critical organizing function in their thought process. Basically a problem statement puts something that is not structured into something concrete. When proposing one of these to a geek, you need to make sure it is clear, make sure it has value after solving, and also make it fun and challenging; geeks love challenges and being able to solve a problem.

tips for selling to geeks

How can you make a geek feel comfortable? You need to build rapport with them, because lets face it, no one feels comfortable buying something from someone they do not trust. Geeks usually get something in their head and are not likely to change. They obviously do not show emotion as stated in many chapters, but if you can build a relationship with them it can be beneficial in trying to sell to them. Even though geeks show no emotion, they still like the feeling of having friends.

The power of friendship This article does not talk about selling to geeks, but I thought it explained relationships well.

It is not necessarily a bad thing for geeks to be so hard to sell to. Geeks are like this because they do not base their purchase decision on emotion. They analyze every option, finding the best product at the best price. When you sell to geeks, you need to do a ton of research beforehand if you want to wow the geek. If you don’t then do not be surprised by rejection, because more times than not it will happen.


I chose this picture, because I feel like this is how a geek looks at every problem or sale. They try and get the best possible price or solution to solve for the problem.


This class was very beneficial with all of the stories that Deloy talked about in class. The book was very interesting, who knew there was a book specified for dealing with geeks? I am unsure if I am a geek or a suit, but either way I now have a better understanding on how to deal with both. I personally feel like I am a geek when it comes to being sold too. I have my fair share of impulse buys, but I knew what I was buying was the best product/ deal there was. When it comes to buying electronics, I research for a lot longer than the average human being, but if you do not do this, then how will you really know if you are making the right decision.

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