Selling to geeks

Selling to geeks is sometime but often a rough job at times. Selling to geeks is more emotional and strategic because geeks are basically technical. To have a long term commitment with a geek you have to get inside the geeks head. Learn what is the best for them to attract their interest. The most defining thing to get out of a geek is to get them to act on something.


The emotions of a geek is important in the business world. Geeks make majority of their choices off of facts and technical logical reasoning, but their not aliens they have feeling like a human should. Some ways you can show someone that your emotional intake into what their plans for your business, is to show you have their undivided attention. For example you will turn your phone off or on silent and personally the biggest thing that you can do is take notes. Taking is important because it shows that you want to remember and stay engaged with the presentation. When were in meetings for the college football team here at Greenville our tells us to take notes because you can remember more and you can show the speaker that you are very much paying attention. Another way to show emotions is to show that you can reach out to any person in the work place. This can help you develop skill to make and keep long term relationship in your business to always ensure business.


The second part to selling to a geek that ties right along with emotions is giving reason. Geeks maybe humans and they do have emotions but it really doesn’t back up how they do things. Remembering that geeks are technical people their always has to be a reason or rightful situation why their doing things especially when dealing with a suit. Bringing experiences to the table is a way that you can show a geek emotion to keep their interest on board as planned. Having experience can really bring you success when dealing with a get and trying to get them on board because they want to see what their getting themselves into and it will show them that you know what your talking about. Also showing them that you know is also good because geeks know a lot about their technology and they sometimes look down on people that don’t know ass much. So this will bring respect because you know your craft.

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