Skills we need every day

Soft skills is what it needs all novices at the beginning of their work. Of course all the skills acquired to deal in everyday life is soft skills. Often lacking in a new employees dramatically, which has been taught as a basic curriculum in all academic levels, but some companies have become force their employees who may be teachers and graduate to learn the skills or laid off if it is not learn.



Communication skills:

“Human in live can as long as Contact” argument suggests about the importance of communication and if lost contact all relationships have become without interest, communication skills are a basic in all aspects of life social, scientific, and practical, It is needed between all individuals and communities so they can coexist smoothly and pleasure.




What is Communication?

Whatever you say to someone, communication is the only activity that is shared by all individuals, so it stands out the importance of working to improve it and pay attention. Effective Communication has many benefits cannot be counted in a list it is working to improve aspects of life in a comprehensive manner on a personal level and literal, so the ability to communicate a basic for success in any endeavor. Communication is simplified explains the way talk between people and how they listen and understand what the other side was received from talk, and most importantly, how the sender knows that he is listening to him and sent him to understand what. Technically, the Communication is a message for transfer or a particular concept lies between senders and receivers.


Effective Communication:

For the effective Communication with people you need to think in a certain way that reflect your sequence of thoughts.

  1. Think about what you are trying to contact for?

Do you want to decide to do the work of people from a particular thing? Stop for something specific? Learn something specific? You need determine your goals message, you fall under interests of trying to deliver it to him or her, or reject it because lack of interest, you need try to understand a person front of you before speaking. Sometimes you need to explain reasons for which you want to send that message.

  1. Choose who you want to connect?

Who are the listeners? It may be considered what you want to deliver it useful and acceptable to some, but others may not accept it at all. For example: If you are talking about marketing a particular product some may care about price and others may care about the places that will be marketing the product before the price, for the personal side do not impose your feelings and talking way with other maybe there are who accept your talking way by anger, irritability, and sadness, deal with it and there are who contend with you likewise.


Obstacles of effective Communication:

Most of the obstacles of Communication be personal and the result of non benign backgrounds, may follow customs and split of societies. In generally it is always going to lead abuse messages receive, an example of that working in a team which prudence has a new person how has characterized by generosity, quickly some team members target for fear of him rather than welcoming him.


Speaking Skills:

Speak is the first way to contact. When you have Mastering Speaking methods you will build best relations and get what you want. Most people use word “I” and most of their conversations revolve around it, if you want affect on them just leave it for them.

1-Talk less and listen more attentively listen

2-Avoid debate and controversy

3-Do not claim to possess the absolute truth

4-Use kind words

5-Let others to use your ideas

6-Acknowledge a fault and do not try Justification


Listening skills:

Many of us does not have a good listening skill to others. Sometimes there are many serious problems between spouses because of this problem, and even between parents and children. Therefore It is important to learn this skill because it will open more room for us to learn around us closely. Also, that will open fields to build excellent relationships and communicate with others, especially at a time when listening to others became as problem. Listening is one of the urbanization attributes. The ability to listen is art not just skill, which is one of the principles of etiquette and assets ethics for talk and dialogue.

What does it mean listening?

1-Attention to what the other is saying.

2- Pays much attention to what people says.

3-Must listen carefully for not miss any word.





Finally, soft skills are what everyone needs in the beginning of life and work. Soft skills are what everyone needs to deal with people on a daily basis. Communication skills are a basic in all aspects of life social, scientific, and practical. Speaking and listening the most important skills that everyone must mastery and apply it. Through my experience and my study in business, I received a lot of soft skills, communication skills, Listening skills, speaking skills and other skills that I need to deal with people daily. There are a lot of skills that we learn from others every day, I learned a lot from others and I apply, as I need in ways to deal and work with others.







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