Soft Skills and Influence


In the chapter this week we have been discussing the importance of having social skills, and influencing the people around you. many geeks either don’t know how to and don’t want to learn, because it would be a manipulation of a person’s opinion, or what they wanted before they met the geek. Another option is that it could just not be something that they find as a useful skill. In either situation it is incorrect to think those are correct. Influence is important in any field, but it they are especially important when you as a geek are influencing business people to make big decisions that involve technology that you will be managing and creating.

In the video the speaker described the difference between hard skills, and soft skills. both of them are important. in this article from Bloomberg Business the author starts out with the statements

“In today’s workplace, employees need to do more than fulfill their job description and develop intangible soft skills. Since it’s easy for companies to find people with the right hard skills, they are hiring more for cultural fit than work performance.”

These statements are important to think about, they are making a point that the performance in a certain skill is good, but it is not necessarily what a business will hire you for. Regardless of your experience, businesses may turn you down if they see a lack of soft skills. A business can hire a person with good soft skills and train them to do a job that they want them to do, but they can not train a person to have soft skills, that is something people have to learn on their own. they have to learn how to work with people and influence people over time.

Being at a Liberal Arts College helps to build soft skills in individuals, having a background at a liberal arts college helps give you a higher stance against other applicants to jobs. When you attend a liberal arts college it gives you a background of all different fields and understandings as a part of life, also while you are there there is always someone with a different point of view, or perspective than you, and you can learn from them, and their experiences, which then will help you to interact with others around you in a better way, seeing them and their struggles in a different light.

Also from the Bloomberg article the author also talks about a new study in partnership with american express that 60 percent of managers agree that social skills are the most important thing that employees are evaluated on. Then 32 percent agree on hard skills, and only 7 percent agree on social media skills. Managers when breaking the soft skills down, they want the top three to be Work prioritization, positive attitude, and good team working skills.

Team skills are very important, they are a must-have for IT workers. If there is not team work skills, then there will be problems when there are large projects that need to be done, they will have problems working together.

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