Soft skills for geeks

Soft skills are triggers that are used when geeks are trying to influnce a suit in the workplace. Geeks aren’t really know for their soft skills in the workplace. I think geeks aren’t the best with soft skills because they really dont have the people skills, but at the same time their is some hope for them.¬†Some of the key skills that geeks should have are listening for what’s important, and exposing your desires.


The first important soft skill to have is listening for what’s important. Listening for what’s important is showing the other person that you care about their situatoin and that you want to be involved. This is the most important step because this will show that your listening and that your care about the most important things in the situation. A geek is already known for not really interacting with people in the business office but doing this as geek a geek really put you up on the high horse for sure. Also listening for what matters ingraves that trust that clients need to do business with you and if you dont it will kill the whole process and it will end the results at hand.


The next soft skill that is important for sucess as a geek in the workplace is having the skills to expose your desire. Exposing your desire is showing the innner animal in your for your clients plands so you can influnce them to the up most level. Showing them that you have the energy and showing them what you what to do and putting your feedback into your business partners is always a big plus in this soft skill in particular. Energy is the key to motivation which the key to exposing your desire for your client. People that are in sales are the best in bringing energy because you can’t be at your lowest when trying to influnce someone to buy something you have to be at you highest and show the client that whatvever you choose to bring to the table is the best. That’s what exposing your desires is all about.


In conclusion having soft skills as a key can really drive you in the right direction for success in influncing different clients in the business. With these two skills in particular are the skills one should have to even have a chance because these skills are really the keys that will let your client see what you bring to the table and it will also show your emotions towards the client to ingrave that trust they have into you.

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