Soft Skills


Geeks do not tend to be the best soft skilled people in the world. What are soft skills you ask. Soft skills is a term often associated with a person’s “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient), the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people. Geeks are more known for being awkward, shy, stubborn, and keep to their self. Though geeks tend to be bad at this, it is still important for them to learn soft skills to help further their careers. Soft skills can help you relate and influence people a lot better. Geeks tend to have a lot of bad social habits and do not understand when they are being rude or a bad conversationalist. They think more like computers, not like humans. Geeks do not care about emotions, they care about solving the problem.

Their is training that said geeks can go through to help them reach the point where they have soft skills just like this banner below:

Soft-Skills (1)


Soft Skills training may work for some and not for others. I would think that listening to some motivational speaker spitting out this and that about about soft skills would put a geek to sleep. Geeks need to realize how important these are and apply them to their lives to help their careers.

As a coach I have learned soft skills from multiple different experiences. 16 yea old boys are going through a lot of changes and are a handful just by them selves. Put 13 of them together and it is bound to have some problems. I had to learn how to deal with certain situations and help my players through it. If i was lacking soft skills and did not seem to care about my players well beings, it could reflect badly on my job performance. I had to learn how to not just be mad at my players when they do bad, or do something stupid. I am the coach, i need to stay calm and help teach them so they can do better next time. I needed to learn soft skills to know that just telling my players they did something wrong was not going to help them. I needed to encourage them and help them learn what to do better next time. I do not think my players would respect me or relate to me well if all i did was throw numbers and stats at them and tell them that they are doing bad. For a geek im sure baseball seems easy in their head. But it is not and i need to help my players learn. My team has an ultimate goal with my players and it is to learn and win. My soft sills help help our whole team pursue our goal.


Here is a great video by Syntuity:

Soft skills are extremely important. This article eve goes as far to say that soft skills pay the bills! This article talks about 6 different so skills and what they are and how they help. The six steps are:


Enthusiasm & Attitude



Problem Solving & Critical Thinking


Overall soft skills are often overlooked and not thought of. It is important for not only geeks but suits too, to remember soft skills and apply them to the work place for an overall better work environment and more successful career. Hard skills are great and are definitely needed and not to be forgotten, but to be successful you need both. Hard and soft skills together are a deadly duo and will make a persons career flourish.

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